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zgemma IPTV Setup – Follow my instructions to setup IPTV on the zgemma box. I use the zgemma H2S for this IPTV video. Please give it a thumbs up!

1) Download Putty —

IPTV Provider is here –

I have created a ZGEMMA page on my website now which I will populating with information, check it out please!



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  1. Dean Wills says

    Hi Geeky' I take it you went down the iptv route on your Gemma' did u not try vm?

  2. windmoistro says

    Will this work on Edision os mini with Enigma2

  3. J o n a t h a n says

    great stuff what IPTV provider do you recommend. I've used a few some are better than others. I want to buy a year subscription as i can't handle the hassle of finding a new provider ever week or month. I want one that can provide VOD and pay TV.
    thanks 🙂

  4. Mike Byrne says

    Hello, my Zgemma i55 doesnt have a tuner so im unable to link the channels using the method in your video, is there a website or do you have a txt file of all the channel I.Ds that you was copying to your iptv channels so the EPG shows up? thanks

  5. ukkvirus says

    can't seem to get xtream working on openvix

  6. Martyn Williams says

    Where do I find the long text after putting root in as I cannot find it anywhere

  7. William McGee says

    were do I get xtream plug in cheers

  8. John Hartnett says


  9. Rick the dick says

    Tried it out. Its shit.

  10. Bryn Roberts says

    Where do I contact to get code

  11. Fifty shades Of shit says

    Hi I've done want you've said in the video and I get failed to download? If you could help me out that would be brill thanks.

  12. ROB matthews says

    hi where is the long code that you enter into putty?

  13. Lee Short says

    Geeky is ur iptv supplier reliable . £50 for 12 months

  14. robin hood says

    Hello, how much is subscription? and would it be better if I reformatted my box as i was on card share but lost most of channels ……Gary

  15. David Murphy says

    hi when i put in the code it says failed to download,i have a star2s should it work on this box? i did all as you say correctly

  16. British BullDog says

    where is the adrdess you paste in ? ive typed it in but it doesnt work ?

  17. David Smith says

    Can anyone help me? All the channels work grand but it doesn't show what's on that channel… No TV listing at all.

  18. lee stephens says

    no epg and only a plug in.. my iptv uses a script full epg set out like sky .

  19. sue dungar says

    you said on your vid that you can supply name of subs supplier thanks

  20. Glast The Sergal says

    Hi Geeky Stuff.I am looking for a iptv service can you recommend the iptv you have installed please help. I have paid so much money out.to get the right 1 with buffering and stopping and starting it is driving me up the wall thanks.

  21. Kevin Stoner says

    Hi Geeky Stuff Will iptv work on a zgemma star s or a technomate tm 5402 hd, ?? Great video by the way. Kev

  22. andy oneill says

    Can you tell me where your description is pls so I can past the code into putty

  23. livercool1 says

    Where do I find the .ipk line?

  24. Kevin Basford says

    Hi, I have been trying to run Putty on my IMAC, it won't run, any suggestions ?

  25. sprax112 says

    Is there no EPG with the XTREAM Plugin then?

  26. 2e0lgz says

    Whats the music at the begining? luv it !

  27. Umesh Bx says

    Hey mate does your Xtream TV crash and go to blue screen then reboot every now and then? Seems to be a common issue. Doesn't happen all the time but is getting frequent

  28. Boxing Banter says

    having that phone screen as background is confusing as hell at first

  29. Diarmuid o dwyer says

    where do i find the txt you copy and paste from your notepad please

  30. youbuywebuy says

    Will this work on the Zgemma i55 box? if yes can you please send me link for Xtream TV plugin.

  31. Angegardien says

    JEPSSEN MEDIABOX 4K M6 HD 3D COMBO HEVC 265 ho pure Zgemma H5 è un decoder,cosa mi consigli?

  32. Mushroom Galaxy says

    Hi, any idea how to remove iptv bouquet maker from plugins? When I press red button ,remove plugins, iptv bouquet maker is not in extensions to select for remove. I was wondering if there is some other way. Thanks

  33. Brotherjoe says

    i went with irelandiptv com 3 months ago. hands down the best iptv provider i have tried ever

  34. featureless says

    i signed with irelandiptv com 3 months ago. hands down the best iptv provider i have tried so far

  35. Christy Brahm says

    i went with irelandiptv com 3 months ago. hands down the best iptv service i have tried so far

  36. do wan tak says

    i signed with irelandiptv com 3 months ago. hands down the best iptv provider i have tried so far

  37. Stuart Bridges says

    can i get it on my loptop

  38. Stuart Bridges says

    can i watch on my loptop

  39. jonny craig says

    Can you recommend a good iptv provider that uses this Xtremeiptv app on zgemma

  40. Suhail Barber says

    hi mate, the FB page aint working so any chance you could message me your provider? many thanks

  41. Jose Scott says

    These guys are not to be trusted. They are scammers

  42. Jose Scott says

    I had to put a claim in about them scamming people out of money!

  43. Ross Macfadzean says

    When I try to open putty command box I'm faced with a blank screen, I don't see the chance to put in a password.

  44. Barry Brown says

    Hi pal I am trying to demo e a old xtream tv app so I can get a new 1 from a different provider ANY ideas pal thanks BARRY

  45. Graham Morgan says

    Got to 2.50 but no dialogue box appears so can't copy and paste text please advise thanks.

  46. Kris says

    Will this work on zgemma s2 box?been told its not powerful enough.

  47. Nick Pearce says

    If you have this and want a decent provider ive got you guys covered head over to facebook and search revolution hosting solutions, 24 hour around the clock assistance with full support in a growing community head on over for the best iptv experience youll ever have ! VIVA LA REVOLUTION!!! NIKO BELLIC SENT YOU

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