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Zgemma IPTV EPG Setup

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Zgemma IPTV EPG Setup – Watch all the video, this will show you how to put IPTV onto Zgemma EPG, it’s easy. This is a good workaround for the missing channels on zgemma! You need to contact the IPTV supplier for an ENIGMA Code which is for zgemma boxes and you are good to go!


I have created a ZGEMMA page on my website now which I will populating with information, check it out please!



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  1. AfI G says

    Does this work on zgemma star h1?

  2. dee mcevoy says

    why does my vod buffer and not work when i have 43 mbps speed?

  3. Messyapocalypse says

    WARNIG SUB SERVICE………..L.Just tried to resolve the sub service recommended with provider and was very unhelpful guys sub to this service at your own risk terrible service zgemma open line 4 u channels aren't always working now I get channel freeze and was told nothing wrong I have two other boxes with no probs but subbed to someone else save your £50 rip-off. Nothing to do with this video this guy is great just poor choice off sub service.

  4. John Doe says

    Hi mate excellent guide, however mine doesn't come up with the EPG like yours, could you please tell me what I'm missing?

  5. Harry Chase says

    Hi mate, how do I get the EPG for the IPTV to show whats currently on or being streamed. It lists the channel but not what is on at specific times like yours. Thanks.

  6. John Doe says

    Has anyone figured out fixing then EPG?

  7. kenny mooney says

    hey is using xstream better than doing it this way ? as i get freezing sometimes . will xstream run the iptv better?
    great videos thanks

  8. Michael Rockson says

    I have heard that iptv lags on the zgemma is that true? I have a h2s box. Thanks

  9. Prabin Shakya says

    Just a question mate, I use zgemma h2s and did everything on echanellizer. I managed to get all the bouquet sorted and the channels are on the relavant bouquet too. The only worry is i cant see any programs on channels but the channel is working fine. Any idea how i can fix this? please help..cheers

  10. Baz says

    Hi can you get back old bouquets, that were originally on box?

  11. Matt Kitch says

    Great video. My epg doesn't show anything though, any tips??Matt

  12. Tony says

    hello am using h2s box and i installed woosh build , my issue is how do i get my iptv channels to display epg? kindly help

  13. Debbie Bouchier says

    Can I get epg for iptv on my zgemma star s box

  14. rouhal ahmed says

    hi , can anyone tell me if you can rewind live Tv using zgemma IPTV? thanks

  15. Jason Pyatt says

    Hello all I wonder if someone could help I did my epg's which was spot on but got up this morning and everything has reset set to default epg am I missing something. Thanks.

  16. Umesh Bx says

    Hi mate,

    I'm currently upgrading my old Open box v5s where channels all gone.

    What's the best box?

    Zgemma i55 IPTV or Magbox?

  17. Umesh Bx says

    Also why get H2H as I heard the channels are dead, isn't IPTV the way forward now?

  18. Graham Lastname says

    Are you still using that channel supplier you recommend in this video? I followed the link and low and behold, after a month the line has gone dead and they have deleted their facebook site!!

  19. Jack Marles says

    does anyone know how I can do this using a Macbook?

  20. James Kid says

    can transfer this data to another box?

  21. Lee Short says

    Hi mate. I ordered ur supplier after watching ur video and I have to be honest his service is very poor . Iv requested a refund and help but he don't reply . My internet is fast so it's not my end . Any help . Please email me leeandtracey1986@gmail.com.

  22. signalorangers2k says

    This is excellent. Will give this iptv epg thing a go tomorrow.

  23. J Bharat says

    Hi mate got the box and cables ordered for cable TVs. Which steps if you could kindly bullied point if any links

  24. Thomas Bryceland says

    Hi what's the details/contact of the provider?

  25. tim198906 says

    Great video thanks! Is there a way to sort the bouquets out if using a Mac?

  26. patrick gilmartin says

    thank u ,

  27. carl taylor says

    You said that when you press telnet the port number changes to 23 do you leave it at 23 or do you use 22 port

  28. Colin Butterworth says

    Great Video, thank-you, (feel confident to try it now ! 🙂 )

  29. andy oneill says

    Why can't I see the iptv bouquet in echannelizer

  30. RESTRAND LTD says

    facebook page not working where do i go for trial code?

  31. Waqar Shabir says

    Hi mate. I brought the zgemma with iptv built in so I didn't get m3u file. Can I still get iptv on epg

  32. Daniel Gibson says

    hi could i do this on my zgemma 2s?

  33. Roy Kirkham says

    It wipes everything once the box restarts how do you stop this happening

  34. dieseldave19 says

    Hi Martyn,

    I know you are no longer trading, but could you do me a solid. I flashed my box and I'm missing the latest script any chance you can email it to me so i can enter my credentials please

  35. Patrick Doody says

    Hi mate great video thanks. I have up loaded the code to the box but to no avail iptv will not appear on my screen . I have tried this several times with no look. My bouguet appears a lot different to yours. I do know the box went back to factory settings recently after a power cut? I flashed the box but still no luck. Any help at this stage would be great. thanks

  36. MrPaulbm100 says

    Hi mate I wanted to set up epg for zgemma. I've set up without with slyvmgifs

    Can I get code to do the last part for epg?

  37. Brotherjoe says

    i went with irelandiptv com 3 weeks ago. hands down the best iptv service i have tried so far

  38. form void says

    In what way does this show you how to set up epg.This shows you how to set up bouquets which is very easy.I don't see anymention of epg.

  39. james rogers says

    did you sort out the bouquet channel issue ..102 skysports2 should be bbc2?

  40. Manjinder padan says

    hi mate can i install to on zgemma star s box


    Hi. Can I add usb in back? What size for pause rewind & record? Cheers

  42. Andrew waterhouse says

    Slyvmgifts have gone,only lasted a few weeks and no more,sent loads of emails and no response.
    All channels are gone

  43. Andrew waterhouse says

    Slyvmgifts just contacted me they have moved servers

  44. Mark Ford says

    what does the zgemma h2h give you that the s2 dont ?

  45. Christoffason Evo says

    Great video

  46. Dave Ward says

    How do i do this with a mac?

  47. Andrew waterhouse says

    Please do not use slyvmgifts as they offer no support or help at all,and it does not work.
    I have tried to contact them for a month and no response

  48. sander bosman says

    how do i get epg?

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