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What is waipu.tv and what differentiates it from other IPTV providers?

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Waipu.tv provides IPTV services for today’s multi-screen, multi-person environment. Having launched in September of 2016, waipu.tv calls their service “TV of the future”. With their own fiberglass infrastructure, waipu.tv is able to provide a stable and high definition TV experience for all their customers. Focusing on usability and ease of use, waipu.tv’s apps and services offer programmable, automatic recordings, can be used in every room of the house as well as on the go and offer Login with Amazon as well as Amazon In-App Purchasing.
Christoph Bellmer, CEO and Frank Penning, CTO offer insights into their mindset of challenging the notion that the TV is the primary screen in today’s society, the importance of their user-centered approach. They also weigh in on how Login with Amazon has helped them generate more subscribers and offer their advice for other developers.

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