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  1. Sayef Islam says

    fuken awesome dude. worked like a charm

  2. JuaninMata10i says

    Tried on my Android Box and my Windows PC. Can't seem to get passed "All" once in passed NPPS

  3. PJ HALL- E says

    Sharing ip addresses and getting them blocked ain't fair on the actual person who purchased it. Abit shitty if you ask me

  4. Bobby-Jean Brides says

    great vid & works a treat, can I now link this to run with iVue guide?

  5. Con Treez says

    doesn't work with original iptv stalker just the clone, and every channel is super glitchy, not worth it

  6. Jose Chinchilla says

    i typed 10 times and the channels did come up. why?

  7. Jose Chinchilla says

    Thanks man it worked for me buddy. I clicked like 100 times but worth it. changed, 12:24:36 mac.

  8. FMIV1405 says

    Thanks Bud, appreciate the help.

  9. TheRealMaN86 says

    wow it works, thx))

  10. GagHalMah says

    Dude thank you so much now I don't have to pay directv 80$ a month

  11. morpheus101a says

    Does not work!!!!

  12. Claudini R says

    thanks I dont care if some dont work thank

  13. Rob Terry says

    not working for me

  14. Jesus Gines says

    Boom Boom bing bing thx good work

  15. RD PAL MUNDO says

    Thanks a lot no more cable in my bills

  16. gus hid says

    THANKYOU  bery bery bueno gracias

  17. Rohan Johnson says

    That MAC is downs of today

  18. Steven Bennett says

    Lmao "he ripped my pants off", he ripped her pants off lol joe

  19. Gordon Lee says

    the kodiland. co/kodi/ link does not work anymore. any alternative?

  20. Leonard Ferguson says

    FUNKING JOE YOU ARE BEST it work like a charm just patience,I enable pvr client and install stalker client.

  21. Jason Mobley says

    i have a amazon fire stick how do I put it on their thanks….

  22. Ca Pa says

    thank you and working as of 01-01-16

  23. coolandmellow says

    Not working anymore do u have updated Mac adresses please

  24. Haze Uchiha says

    there's no zip file in the folder

  25. Tee Knight says

    Thanx Boston dude

  26. ihavechosenmygod says

    Won't work :(.. please help!!

  27. Chris Rod says

    Install from ZIP: there's no "addons" only ADDON. After that nothing shown on the video comes up.

  28. Rdot V says

    None of these shits work for me, it loads as working (working goes away) and nothing ever comes on for live tv or and most of the times I don't have the options you have

  29. Pauluz de Boskabouter says

    Link kodiland is dead boom boom boom bing bing bing

  30. Kéifus Mathews says

    Does this still work JoeNobody as of today's date, always get an error after I install the Beast, it has never worked for me yet the IPTV

  31. Michael Hubbard says

    I do have a mac address but it needs to be set right. please help

  32. Martin Ma says

    pls buy box here

  33. Nick I says

    When the source site is down the video should be remove

  34. Sobhy Mustafa says

    i tried this and the channels don't work, now i use Easybox IPTV and I can watch Bein Sport, MBC, ART and also OSN and more than 1000 channels in HD quality.

  35. Jim Petit says

    Joe's the BEST baby !!

  36. steve turman says

    it says connection refused, how do you fix that?

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