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  1. cutie pie says


  2. Dennis Goodman says

    You were good until you had to go off in the ditch with your Trump remark. Why do you have to ruin it and get political?

  3. Laura McMahon says

    there is NO plug in Video named Stalker

  4. Frederick Carter says

    Hey bro how can I get a good sports and wrestling add on on kodi 16

  5. najib lalai says


  6. Claudio Bicer says


  7. Kevin Wallace says

    im looking for the video you made on addon adjustments that speed up addon ie timeout hostess cap. etc. can you send me that video link

  8. paul says

    im not seing video stalker at all the zip file.. any suggestions??

  9. Sapphire 1961 says

    could someone tell me how to get this onto my roku 2, if it's available? mainly wanting it for children. I'd love to watch fox again,Lucifer . I had to let tv go in order to take care of my family . I'm disabled n arising g/kids. GOya #res n clothe them. I'm not a computer whiz by no means. but any help would greatly b appreciated!

  10. Tony Tasmaly says

    we were laughed at for all eight years Obama was in office one of the dumbest president in the United state history.

  11. cappyu says

    How come you dont download the repository link after the zip file?

  12. Dwight Moore says

    got no stalker plugins on list for gen_tec is there a new url

  13. chunnu kumar says


  14. Mikha Bassam says

    stalker tv wasn't on the list of addons in the zipper file

  15. Jeanine Cousin says

    Ok Lamont . . . LoL I'm having all sorts of issues. I have Kodi No Limits 17.4 and tried the Live Tv build ( IPTV Stalker Clone) in an attempt to load CNN Live . As always the "big girls and boys channels work ( LoL, don't judge me ) but I can't get everyday Tv
    to play. Every step was perfect until I went looking for the plugin.video.stalkertv16updated.zip . I scrolled up and down that list for 10 minutes and nothing. How can everything be "found" in the steps and then the plugin just go "missing" ? Can you
    offer any suggestions ? I'm willing to try anything that does not involve resetting my fire stick back to factory settings.
    Thanks for listening and thanks for posting these videos. I am learning alot about Kodi . . . . slowly but I am learning.
    I'll be looking out for your responce. Thanks again and GOD bless you.

  16. Sag man San says

    @Lamont Tyson I did the steps but I don't see plugin.video.stalkertv16update.zip. What do I do to get it?

  17. Jeanine Cousin says

    I was looking at your video ( IPTV "stalker") and when I went back to review I say your comments about the plugin being a pay plugin now. Is there anything similar out in the "Kodi-sphere" ? Oh and the big what-the-F_ _ _k question ( to me anyway) Where do I go to learn more about resolving "Log" issues ? Pretty much every issue or roadblock I have ever run into ends with " Error, check log. I have . . . LoL accidentally gone to the log, but all the entries just look like "words" to me. I can't make sense of it. I have no idea what to do with the highlighted words/errors found in the log.
    Can you list any suggestions or sites that would be helpful ?


    Hell-a-lost in the Big Easy

  18. AmZeeeL says

    Get free FTA channels in North America without a bill, check it out here with AMZEEEL in Youtube:

  19. chem dog says

    No plugin in zip file. Please post different source link

  20. do wan tak says

    i went with irelandiptv com 3 weeks ago. hands down the best iptv provider i have tried ever

  21. coolnick1999 says

    Does firestick got channel poptv – I like to watch impact wrestling COME on every Thursday night between 8pm until 10pm

  22. Phillip Searcy says

    Lamont, Is there another way that I may get to load Hallmark Channel on kodi. I have been trying to load the watch free tv via stalker clone but I cannot get it to load.

  23. Star 2 Sun says

    Watch truly free TV channel HD

  24. Thuy Pham says

    She turned off my internet

  25. Thuy Pham says

    Don't make sincr

  26. Rayyan Sayed says

    Wher to download this it's paid in Google play

  27. anthony grove says

    Hi lamont I'm inscribing because I cannot get my fire stick going enjoyed your films all I wanted was sport but after 5 months I cannot get it on cheers

  28. thanks you so much

  29. Shekhar Basnet says

    6:31 I don't see video addons?? I just have builds, genetic Roma, new repo, Ottv, pls subscribe YouTube… ????


    Can anyone ever mmaks a fucking video without adding an irritating and annoying music ? Wtf can't focus.

  31. Sara Spolnik says

    I just want to watch CTV for the american music awards in a few days lol

  32. darla hill says

    can't find system

  33. Sir III says

    Do you sell loaded devices? I can't figure out how to load it up like you

  34. Loco Moco says

    what cody box do you have!!!!!!!! 🙁

  35. Charles Zimmerman says

    Why, does youtube keep putting up, out of date videos? why, is the sky sad?

  36. Kira Camebell says


  37. Linda Hansen says

    Looking for NFL Fox football. Gci took off Fox Channel because they want to charge higher rates so gci said no. Now even though we are still paying for the Fox Channel we cannot view the channel. My husband tried arguing the point but the poor kid behind the counter could not do anything about it.So now we can't what Seahawk play the next 2 games because we don't have Fox t.v.


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