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Vader Stream IPTV Channel List Review 5-in-1. 5 Devices For 1 Subscription. Compatible with SMART TV IPTV, AMAZON FIRETV, ROKU, KODI, ANDROID BOX

1000+ HD Channels From US, Canada, UK, Sports, Italian, Latino, German, South Asian, + More

Vader Streams Official Subscription

Samsung Smart TV 4K

Amazon Fire TV

Dreamlink T1 Plus

Nvidia Shield

Beelink GT1 Ultimate

Mi Box 4K


Frederick Fosu
1711 Cudaback Ave PMB 947244
Niagara Falls, NY 14303

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  1. shawn adams says

    I am not getting 1000+ channels as described. I am in the 400 range. What can I be doing wrong?

  2. Ali Salim says

    hi Fred . Hope you are ok , it's Ali again , just wanted to ask there is a vertical side bar (tv guide) , can you show us how does it look ?

  3. cooler2000 says

    What time zone is the live stream?

  4. Robert Lim says

    which device is that you using right there?

  5. Jossey Kunlezz says

    Hello Fred, appreciate you a lot for the infos, however, how do I start … using Vaders because checking the sites
    Pls reply

  6. Sa Samir says

    Hey friend, how to get Vader streams with PayPal?

  7. Jermaine Shaw says

    How me devices for $20

  8. KMitech says

    get it for $18 through the goodfellas here http://gfservers.com

  9. Mario P says

    I love Vaders, nice quality but just needs one channel for me MTV classics, like the oldies

  10. Philly isMe says

    is this in us dollars

  11. Don Mckinney says

    Nice service I just got it last night but it freezes like crazy!!! I have a 1GB fiber connection and I'm hard wired with an ethernet connection. The picture is fantastic just wish it wouldn't FREEZE so much. I'm using Kodi 17.6 and I've got the one month trial and using the closest server to me but still freezes.

  12. Mario Papavasiliou says

    I have Vader Stream how can I get this for a Apk I have STBEmu how can I set this up

  13. Quantum Z says

    Just seeking an explanation of why Vader Streams logs out of your account in Kodi ???????????

  14. Eric Phoenix says

    Nitro is garbage lots of channels don't work. Vaders is great right up there with gears tv. Vaders has better picture quality

  15. Jose Rivera says


  16. Stockdog 101 says

    Does Vader Streams have XXX ? What box do you recommend? Do you have a basic install video? Thanx

  17. Vader Streams says

    Great vid mate 😉 vaders is simply the best.
    follow on twitter @vadersiptv
    subscribe here >>> http://shop.vaders.cc/signup

  18. Nathan Coleman says

    greetings again fred,
    i appreciate all greatly all the info you share
    have really open my mind up.
    how to install vaders m3u playlists on dreamlink t1 plus??

  19. Jason Massie says

    NFL Sunday ticket? NBA league pass? MLB extra innings? Nhl center ice?

  20. Joe Tansey says


  21. Saul Calderon says

    Vader’s suck. The only good thing about it is you get to put it in 5 devices.

  22. lemon House says

    Local channels

  23. Jackie Dee says

    what's the monthly payment

  24. Reggie Turner says

    App keep crashing.

  25. Junior Garcia says

    Bro how micj $?

  26. Joe G says

    Hi.fred good stuff want ask how down you compare to express or ipguys.want check it out just if can can give info how to load a m3file on a stb mag elumunter for Android.that what worries me is loading m3u list.thats I guess need to do some reading but it is something that I would like to check out .thanks

  27. Joe G says

    Sorry should waited to the end will download smart tv and check out thanks.allso I used to use set tv to put on 3 diveces but it sucked keepef on freezing. Thanks again fred

  28. WWeSports says

    I’m loving Vaders with my Smart IPTV app on my Samsung. I’m curious tho, is it possible to access the VOD with the app? I haven’t had any luck so far

  29. Frankie Galiffa says

    I'm a Caps hockey fan and see that there's csn Washington and seeing if that channel works

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