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Top 5 live TV streaming services (CNET Top 5)

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Getting TV over the internet? Find out how the major services stack up against one another.

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  1. Luis Garcia says

    Set TV IS BEST

  2. ElChiruvian Thunderload says

    Never heard of any these, Kodi….

  3. Kai Buhr says

    Who still watches tv?
    Who would want to?

  4. Toonami30 says

    Playstation Vue looks nice. But Kodi has access to the whole world.

  5. John Salazar says

    I have directtv now. It is the best value. They have the best channel lineup at the lowest price ($35). HBO is only $5 and a ridiculously expansive on demand selection. However, you only can stream 2 shows at once.

    Sling is a mess. The orange and blue packages overlap quite a bit but go look at their extras. For instance my kids watch Disney XD and disney JR it is available as an add on with the orange package but not with teh blue one. The blue kids package adds different kids channels.

    Secondly with sling if you watch let's say MSNBC, it's availe once again with one add on (orange) but not with the blue news add on.

    What it comes down to is with Sling to get the channels you want you have to sign up for BOTH the blue and orange and then add in blue and orange extras. I added it up it comes out to $75 for what Directtvnow charges much less.

    Sling allows 1 stream with orange (regardless of what extras you add in)
    and 3x streams with blue so technically if you are paying for both services you can stream up to 4 channels at once. I have not checked out their on demand offerings.

    Youtube TV allows 6x streams but no support for FireTV sticks or any other devices.

  6. John Salazar says

    Thumbs down for not mentioning how many streams each service allows you and naming a service that requires a playstation in order to subscribe to it.

  7. FastLikeUNO says

    Would Plex be number one on this list? Or is it just a completely different thing entirely?

  8. Monis Irfan says

    I had sling when it first came out for about 9 months, it was very laggy and picture quality was often off, even with very fast home WiFi, and PlayStation Vue you need a PlayStation 4 right? Or does it work with a PS3?

  9. God Branvie says

    Where's Netflix?

  10. Devin Richardson says

    PlayStation Vue is on Android phones and tablets so you can go anywhere with it. idk about for iOS though

  11. jondi23 says

    TV is dieing slowly. Since we can get our information fast with out paying and watch shows or movie whatever time we want.

  12. mrpritosring says

    numbah one. exod….shhh.. people keep quiet about this!

  13. GeneralSol says

    Sony really needs to rethink their entire market strategy with PS Vue, many people stay away from it because they think they need a Playstation. This is a false assumption, PS Vue works without a PS3 or 4. As long as you have a streaming device or a computer it works!

  14. Kevyn Grams says

    PlayStation Vue!

    Had PlayStation Vue for a over year now, and I could not be happier. Not only is it superior to the other OTT services, I would argue it is the best TV/On Demand service on the market. If you are lucky enough to live in a city where all of your local channels are available and your local sports as well, then you can not beat Vue. I went from paying almost $250 a month for Comcast for 1 TV and DVR, to $65 a month, with access on all 4 of my TVs, plus my mobile devices. I won't be going back to traditional cable.

  15. Ron C says

    Lol. Poor netflix. The one that started this war.

  16. Marcus Bell says

    one negative is only sling tv will give you vh1

  17. Corey Sousa says

    How about a link to the "chart" in the video description, pinhead? The mobile browser version on iOS is useless as is your app. Die!

  18. rybob7 says

    No there correctly called Skinny Bundles

  19. Kc Psykeaux says

    When they say for PSV, that "recordings expire" does that mean you can only go a month back for "live tv" or stuff you physically record?

  20. Kev Ngoun says

    I've seen many positive things about PSVue but Viacom is not having it with them or vice versa and I need some of their channels on the Vue but I could do without it…I might go for them since I'm currently on a one month free trial on DirecTV Now and it's going pretty good so far with an occasional buffering from time to time.

  21. Me Notu says

    I'm starting to lose a lot of respect for CNET. You guys used to do good accurate reviews, seems like that's gone away a long time ago. You kind of like covered over the pricing screen for PlayStation Vue, I wonder why. Could it because you know they're falsely advertisement the number of channels in their packages. That's been going on for at least 6 months since they lost the Viacom channels. I think you guys need to get back to the basics and do a complete review not just a bogus one.

  22. Tri Pham says

    I would say Vue is the best if you have a PS4 but they dropped Spike

  23. Rodney Sunderland says

    Vivalive tv is the best 400 channels movies 35$ a month.

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