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Top 5 IPTV on Smart TV

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The Top 5 IPTV Servers available for Samsung and LG Smart TV. All servers have been tested and work on Smart STB on Smart TV. Servers will also work on MAG 254, Android Box, Amazon Fire Stick/TV and Dreamlink T1 Plus.

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  1. Andrew Todd says

    Alfredo AKA FRED! Don't agree much with this list but maybe because I dont use my SmartTV for IPTV.

  2. Donald Cari says

    GEARS and vaders are the best

  3. Cisco A says

    Totally agree with Nitro?
    All premium, local, ppv with true hd and much more.

  4. Olivia Leigh says

    Hi Fred,
    Do you know of any IPTV that streams 24/7 of The Simpsons or TV shows from the 70 's or 80's ?
    I love The Simpsons but Mobdro has stopped working.
    My dad wants me to find any older sitcoms that are streamed.
    I am going to try out Nitro and Star Tv.
    We appreciate you !
    Thank you !

  5. Mark Y. Acheampong says

    Which serves will be good for my 3G+ internet in Ghana?

  6. dbess1 says

    Hey Fred, I'm a new subscriber…loving the Canadian perspective!
    Do any of these top 5 work on Roku?

  7. George Bassey says

    How can I subscribe iptv on my smart TV in UK please?

    Can you call me on 07555156576

  8. dirkjan van hemmen says

    nices work fred this video shoot out form netherlandse four your good work

  9. Croatia 365 says

    Show in full all balkans channels what they look like and what's there. Thanks

  10. gframo58 says

    Hi Fred,
    Once again thanks for the great information. I have used most of the services and agree with your review. I tried Nitro a long time ago but did not have the same results. A lot of pauses. Have you tried the iptv guy?

  11. Matt Groves says

    do any of these have 5.1 surround

  12. Alberto Salgado says

    Any comments about KING IPTV? thanks

  13. kecsege24 says

    hi fred i also live in canada and i also testing providers for a few months. now my problem is that im also hungarian and i cant find any north american iptv service that has any hungarian channels so i went to try british ones who does have a few working channels but the north american epg is almost none existence would any one have a solution for my problem thx

  14. boredblonde 2 says

    You're right..when nitro is all running, it's great (for two days my favorite ota channels have been down, so I'm not too happy with it today.,) I run it with their app on my firestick and android tablet (kodi on my surface, but the app isn't as good). I'm considering a Samsung 8000 4k purchase..will I be able to load nitro app directly onto it..is that what the 'compatible' means?

  15. Robert Sizzle says

    Go Nitro tv for a month , so far so good. Do you recommend using the stb emu or the apk…im udong it on the shield…
    Thanks for your advice

  16. sai wang says

    Anyone here tried iptv ninja yet? How is it compare with iptv express? Thanks in advance!

  17. Dimas Amaral says

    Hey Fred my mag 254
    I made updates and lost my provider
    Now is nothing on provider
    I have username and password from the person dat sold me the subscription can you help me out tks

  18. raymond deguzman says

    How to order at star tv? Please help me

  19. Vincent says

    What is the best for Sony smart TV

  20. Ramon S says

    I have a Plasma Tv 50” Panasonic VIERA ST60. How can I get the App?

  21. Donald Cari says

    Iptv service is not listed in description

  22. Donald Cari says

    Nitro is brutal they constantly pops out in middle of anything you watch

  23. Donald Cari says

    How come when you search star TV nothing comes up

  24. kik kon says

    After I tried various systems, I think that IPTV technology not yet grown up enough and cannot be a substitute for satellite dish and cable(except for particular situations) in many aspects, if I am in the middle of watching say: my preferred game, and knowing that the show can end promptly, its not a beautiful feeling.

  25. panda towi says

    For me the best iptv for Latino & English is jomyson plus the best full hd channels

  26. Karl Dittman says

    Is the ability to create a favorites list tied to the smart tv or the app? I would think one would want to make a favorites list so they don't have to take time to scroll through pages to get to the few channels we watch.

  27. Ted B says

    Turn any HD TV into a Smart TV using an Android TV Box. How about Vader Streams. Well maintained, reliable and no buffering or out of sync audio..

  28. Andre Lebron says

    What about GEARStv

  29. joao paulo Almeida says

    what about ACE iptv ? is it good ?

  30. sykesybwoy says

    Is the Smart STB GUI dependant on which IPTV subscription you sign up to, or can it be changed in settings?

  31. JLM W says

    Hi, I Don't have a smart tv, are these top 5 good for Android tablet app? Right now I use eyepeeteeveesubs with app.

  32. xTeChNiQuEz1 says

    hey fred does nitro have a good on demand selection of movies/tv shows? because i have ok2 but the on demand sucks. and when nitro goes down, does few channel goes down or does everything go down?

  33. Torso Man says

    does the star tv will work on smart stb? it has nfl games ryt?

  34. John Doe says

    No links???

  35. Youssef Elanabi says

    Hey Fred thanx for the awesome description , i didn`t have jet any Idea of it ! is there any one available for the german ?

  36. kubes28 says

    So why don't you tell everyone how illegal each and every one of these are?

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