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Top 3 Best IPTV May 2017

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  1. JEAN Marshall says


  2. Mario Diaz says

    SWEET !!!! ?

  3. Patachou Tee says

    ?Gr8 Vid … AS ALWAYS … Kraz, my friend!! ??‍♀️????

  4. J B says

    great to see u making a video.area 51 has been working great.just need more spanish channels

  5. SALT says

    Awesome video Kraz!! Keep up the great work sweetie! ? ? ? ? ? ? ? xoxoxoxo

  6. Dave Bellomo says

    Sir do any of these have any Philippine channels?

  7. budeweiser1968 says

    Nice to see your videos again, haven't seen you in awhile.

  8. Marvin Carvin says

    HEY Kraz!! Good to see you still helping the peeps. Long time no see. I glad that you finally made bail! hehehe

  9. David Ekstrom says

    lol, the thing about Free IPTV services, is your missing out on so much, with not having an EPG, with your setup, you have no idea what is playing on the channel unless you actually load it..

  10. aklilug says

    Kraz Nice to see you!
    may I say something. ..all are Not HD on Players klub .
    it's an excellent service I recommend it but not all HD All time.

  11. dee spag says

    is there a new boom boom tv username and password?

  12. Joseph Tusa says


  13. fill loza says

    how much do you have to donate to get this service

  14. fill loza says

    I want this service for a month to try it

  15. Pete Marra says

    I've learned lot from you so thank you for all of that… I'm sorry though that playersklub IPTV is pretty bad. I understand it's $5 but still I've been kicked off so many channels. That 4k TV channel is one video that keeps playing all day long also.

  16. julio cabrera says

    Hey KRAZ the Area 51 is not working

  17. Scott Somerville says

    considering signing up for SET IPVT, their customer service suggests not using a VPN, why would they say that?

  18. Camera WithWings says

    Good job Kraz, thanks a lot I was looking for some good iptv.

  19. Camera WithWings says

    does Ip vanish slow down your internet?

  20. Jeff Bouton says

    So basically you read a bunch of channels from a list and click to show they load? Big deal. How about using it for a week and reporting on your experience. Useless review.

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