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Live tv setup in Kodi made easy. Configure pvr iptv simple client with m3u url list of channels.

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Note: I’m not affiliated with any iptv provider, the information provided in this video is for educational purposes only.

  1. Corey says

    What about the weather channel??

  2. Becky Garcia says

    My Kodi, was changed to Media Center by Skystream, how would I do this in that ?

  3. Rogerio Amaral says

    Can you help me. If IPTV pvr client doesn’t appear in the my add ons, from where can I download it?

  4. Elijah Olojede says

    how can i get my own

  5. Bruce - says

    I got a new T95z plus , but I cant find PVR on it to setup for live channels

  6. Patrick A says

    hey Soloman, just wanted to ask how can I add multiple pvr simple clients? I watched a clip a while ago but that was for a very old version. Cheers

  7. Eric Lizardo says

    solo, i do all you show, but dont charge the channels

  8. Lupe Mejia says

    So I put in the same exact url I am not getting any tv channels at all anyone has a new url please help me out

  9. Mark Frest says

    Is this free or do you have to pay?

  10. Therone Woods says

    I have 17.6 how do you stop kodi from buffering

  11. Fabio Cavalcanti says

    where can I get free IPTV urls? free

  12. zabrol zakrot says

    can not watch tv correctly the tv keep buffering every 10 seconds

  13. Andres galan says

    Hallo there, I wonder if you could give me an answer to these 2 questions:
    Where to get URLs (free or otherwise)
    How to install Kodi in Samsung Smart tv.
    Many thenks.

  14. Marv Alpert says

    I do not see the url for the free or paid list

  15. rebecca herrera says

    New user. I liked on video AND hit the Subscribe BUT I'm totally lost

  16. Erwin Couvertier says

    Hola como puedo conseguir todo el sistema con todo instalado quisiera tenerlo

  17. lycia davis says

    @ Solo Man there is no url description listed 🙁

  18. John M says

    where is the link?

  19. John M says

    good way of getting hits without offering anything.

  20. ronald jackson says

    where on my firestick to get where i need to be im following you i dont know where to go to follow your steps

  21. ronald jackson says

    yes where is this link on firestick i go to kodi it shows nothing so im still loss

  22. Rixar13 says

    ← Irish Honey Badger → Thank you Megan
    ← Irish Bunny → Thank you Megan

  23. elvira nathan says

    Hi Solomon I dwnld tea tv and it was very slow and some addons was not playing it shows no link avlble

  24. BART Wasilenko says


  25. Carol Quinones says

    Hi Solo Man, My version of Kodi is 17.4 …seems my version is much different than yours from TV. Can I use this version to set up live TV and movies or do I do a reset and start all over from fresh. thanks


    watched the video entirely, no url video description available. like many others on here have stated so whats up with that?


    so whats the link??? anyone know?

  28. mack davis says

    Thank you all of you videos are very helpful

  29. Joan Rojas says

    So I gest there is no URL.

  30. Aaron Reilly says

    how do i find URL's

  31. Declan Brady says

    Thank you but how do I change URL

  32. kevin puckett says

    Beware you cannot use this on 4g baught it and thought it would work it is an android app got fooled must read faq. Why make pk if you need broadband it defeat the purpose also no customer service just email contact reminded me of republic wireless cheap but couldn't use it any where.

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