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This IPTV service is $5/month. They also have a free version. You will need to join their Facebook page in order to receive a username and password. I believe at the moment they are both simplycaz, but they do change from time to time.


  1. Aldren Mayfield says

    Well said. Keep up good work Buddy

  2. kevin shaw says

    that's a cool skin you got,wat kind is it if you don't mind,well said shoot,someone needs to tell them.hope they see it and gets fixed for my dad,I'm feeling like a numty after persuading him.

  3. Offical Babu Asad says

    playerklub is scammer their customer service sucks there apk doesn't work they just Tek your money..Playerklub is disgrace to Kodi Community

  4. eLGeeJR says

    Those free channels haven't been working lately.

  5. Michael Bindulski says

    scammers they now won't even let all of us that are paying customers talk on facebook they'll throw out posts under maintenance lol which that's nothing new there always under maintenance and that's beside the point but the thread on Facebook used to be a place where we can all discuss things with if we were angry happy or mediocre about their service now they're the only ones that are allowed to post something but they shut it down . scumbags

  6. t5barn says

    You sound annoying, shut the fuck up and be thankful you ungreatful peace of sh***t @ Ice Ice KODI

  7. pancho villa says

    I didn't see Food Network. el rey

  8. pancho villa says

    where can I get a subscription

  9. Kevin Davis says

    Gears tv

  10. Jennifer Jones says

    I haven't been able to watch too much on the Players klub past week or two so Im not sure if it's still doing it, but I've had premium with them for about a month-and-a-half and the first month I know that during the day the ID channel would be the ID channel and at night it would turn into crime and investigation Channel and it would do it almost every day

  11. Jamie B says

    they got caught with channels that had other services logo on it..

  12. greeklady 24 says

    Is the Players Klub down, I am using Nvidia Shield and I am getting a error, cannot get into anymore

  13. greeklady 24 says

    Ice Ice KODI please respond to me, is the players klub down?

  14. ree smith says

    message me I will get you with something better than pk…100s are already using it and they were pk members. Stop paying for service that don't work. PERIOD

  15. wbrown910 says

    Would you comment on the nickeleon channel also. The kids say the schedule is totally different

  16. wbrown910 says

    Also could you comment on Gear TV

  17. The Canadian tv doesn't work either hehe

  18. The epg is usually wrong. Z don't take offence to this but. You can't just do a 5 minute review and make a video like I said I'm a paid subscriber and this service is down 76% of the time

  19. Zack Zwenger says

    I'm a premium member with the players klub but they have not been granting me access to my account. Do you know any idea of what it could be? There customer support isn't getting back to me as well. The site is down. It seems like a mess. Do you know of any other good sports addons for Kodi that can be paid for?
    Thanks for the help

  20. Big Boss says

    playersklub is a joke!!!..we should start a petition on getting these bastards kicked from kodi,PLEASE PEOPLE STOP GIVING THESE GUYS FREE MONEY!!!!!

  21. Big Boss says


  22. Mycol Bartlett says

    June, 24, 2017. ~ TPK and BBR BOTH, (even playing right through PIA VPN), work GREAT ~ IF one has the right internet speed, Ethernet cable, settings, and use "Perfect Player" instead of Kodi on your equipment. I have a simple 2Gigs Ram android box and a rii mini8 remote – HDMI cable directly to my 4 yr old Samsung smart TV, which is now just a $1200.00 monitor screen with this great service.
    (ISP 50+ Mbps streams 4 videos and a Win 10 / 16 Gigs Ram laptop at the same time, wirelessly, off of a single dual band Netgear $125.00 router from Walmart).
    Stop renting and just buy one.

    All of this IPTV tech and service is NEW. > I understand we have to be patient.
    *So do you. < (I've tried em ALL at great expense. Judged mainly by NBA LPass quality, most failed. ALL of various service's EPGs are still 75% wrong too …).
    … I bitched for months too, and they're STILL under construction. 🙂

    BUT ! I've watched the development and hung with the thousands of customers who HELP others work through the growing pains. I had the time and it finally became clear my instant gratification bitching didn't help anyone.
    … They are better now. The DEVs needed learning curve time, a few bucks for new servers and positive reinforcement from US ALL. But most understand that too.
    TPK now has a FORUM for installation questions & solutions to various problems ..
    … AND. a new BUILD if anyone wants to explore that option. The jury's still out on that cause, (other than the great, not perfect IPTV service), the add-ons are responsible for the quality content, and they're all still LAME right now. June, 24, 2017.
    I'm 8 months studying Kodi and I still don't like builds. The new, best APKs win all day.

    I DO keep TPK on Kodi for the OnDemand movie section. Instant HD, (no scraping), in alphabetical order, no stinking commercials, constantly updated.

    I hope this helps someone … cause it took long enough to compose and edit.

  23. MrKamikaze364 says

    heard bad things about players klub..probably just as bad as limitless..paid for month..crashed an burned in 2 weeks…Jeff kinum who sells it stay away from that rude p.o.s ..they are scammers..

  24. Bikergirl P says

    yeah they do suck big time I've been a premium subscriber since the beginning and never had a problem with them until now when went to pay they where no were to be found kept on saying error 404 webpage not found then on Facebook the same when I Finally found there new website I tried paying like I always did and I had to create another account but they would except my pre paid MasterCard they wanted a bank account or a real MasterCard I work in a bank one thing I know is that you never give that information away unless your sure and to be honest I don't trust them there is a reason they are changing there voice and hiding there faces..I sent them a ticket complaining and received nothing from them the are "SCAMMERS ALL THE WAY" then I thought to myself why was I paying $5 a month when I had MODBRO with lots of channels and no buffering…

  25. Femi Moses says

    Hi I can't pay for my monthly 5usd monthly subscription on playersklub. any help pls

  26. Brian Smith says

    iCE iCE IF YOUR DOING A HONEST REVIEW WHY DON'T YOU TALK ON how often there service is down. Or how pathetic there customer service is. And if you need help your supposed to go to Mint panel for a ticket but most of the time the service won't let you sign in to start a ticket. As for going to facebook PK the members or moderators shut off the comments so you can't get help there either. Like you say $5 is a deal but is it a deal if there service is always down??

  27. Malcolm Ross says

    I have put in several tickets about the Canadian channels and have not had the courtesy of a reply to any of them. Please give me a full refund immediately!

  28. semajpsea says

    Nice review, to the point. I'm also trying to set something up for my mom who isn't tech savy. Greets from west coast Canada.

  29. Dave Klein says

    I tried to use the service but they took my $5. and I never received email as how to proceed. RIP OFF.. SO I DISPUTED THE

  30. Jose Morales says

    Latino is not working

  31. Bruce Marshall says

    I am trying to login into Mint pannel, I have an account and when I login in it states that I have the wrong credentials and when I want to contact support I have to login, but there is noway I can explain my issues, this needs to change there must be away to get hold of support each and every month this happens to me. login info asks for username or email and when I put my email it states that it is too long but it is the one I have used before. need help with this issue

  32. Aaron Green says

    Gears TV

  33. manuel castro says

    but pay $5.00 and the channels dont work so how is good i am trying to get it fix since 12/10/17 and to day is 12/14/17 and no anwerser {stars encore westerns}

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