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The Best PVR IPTV Simple client m3u with EPG (LOTS OF PREMIUM CHANNELS) KODI2017

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over 700 live TV with TV Guide – PVR IPTV Simple Client (IPTV STALKER REPLACEMENT)


Here is an easy to follow tutorial that will show you how to setup the 700+ live TV channels on PVR IPTV Simple Client on XBMC/Kodi :

For more EPG links please visit

Get channels in; Italiano, Français, Deutsch, English, Portuguese, Spanish, Turkish, Russian, Ukrainian, Romanian, Greek, Arabic, Bulgarian, Czech, Music auto-updating itself

1. Select SYSTEM
2.Select Add-ons
3.Select My add-ons
5. Select PVR clients
6.Select PVR IPTV Simple Client
7.Select Confugure

Under General
8.Select M3U Play List URL
10.Select Done

Under EPG Settings
8.Select XMLTV URL
9.Type and select DONE
10..Enable Cache XMLTV at local storage
11. Select your timezone

Under Channels Logo –
8. Select Channels Logo Base URL:
9. Type URL:

10.Select Done and OK
11. Go back to SYSTEM
11. Select TV
12. Under Gneral select Enabled
13. Restart Kodi and TV option should appear

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Over 600 live TV channels with TV Guide PVR IPTV Simple Client (Tutorialyc)

download Kodi at:

  1. pc technic says

    max 4 channel ???

  2. Kerl Noray says

    it only has 4 channels -_-

  3. Vladimir Gherman says

    Great instruction for the beginners but…it doesn't work. It shows only 4 non-working channels. Can you refresh it please?
    Thank you.

  4. Braydon Kay says

    4 channels only…BS

  5. Justin Gravitt says

    Im only getting 4 channels on this and they're not at all what you have on here.

  6. tosmooth6 says

    the shows keep disconnecting after a few seconds… need help with fix please

  7. KALEL KALEL says

    Only 4 channels. =(

  8. KALEL KALEL says

    So it seems like this uploader isn't addressing the inquiries about there being only 4 channels.

  9. L. Hall says

    There are only 3 Spanish or Portugese channels here. Instructions are good but the m3u URL is not as shown in the video. Video shows many channels but URL only has 3 channels

  10. King Sun says

    Only 4 channels I typed everything correctly not sure what I'm doing wrong i read the comments and i dont see any replies to this? Any other YouTube video with more channels

  11. aerobicsparadise says

    Garbage… Any channel will play for like 30 second and then stop.. I have rather large pipe.

  12. Ivan Ivanov says


  13. King Sheikh says


  14. pancho villa says

    I do not get audio

  15. it says server unvailable.

  16. jimmy rector says

    go to far left to open menu scroll down to group eua then change country then the channels will change for you

  17. John Markiv says

    4 channels here and none work. LOL

  18. MicaiCutie says

    The best? Only has 19 channels.: (

  19. Mario Terzi says


  20. Tahir Abbas says

    doesnot work even a single list on Kodi 17

  21. xMafungox says

    This is not Kodi 17.

  22. ploykwan lao-amata says

    Cant get it to work at all. Button RUN is not active at all, plus even after doing everything it still says I need PVR add on and plugin.

  23. MilMike says

    I dont have any PVR clients in the list… the list is empty.Do I need to dd some repository?

  24. Ron Gibbs says

    Another complete waste of time.

  25. birdyboyblue says

    It's crap, ignore this guy

  26. Alokin Alset says

    did you have a 0I0 in your mouth that you cud not talk?

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