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The Best Live TV IPTV Channels Kodi Addon DECEMBER 2016

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The must have Kodi xbmc LIVE TV/IPTV Addon You must have!

Simply follow instructions!

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  1. Adryen list is a piece of crap..


    is this down? I tried and not getting anyhting

  3. Malcolm Ross says

    I loaded simply client as directed but got a message that the test had ended. The live TV wouldn't load, nor would the testers source.

  4. lilfr3shy says

    Hi I tried. but only 5 channels loaded… 🙁

  5. Darrell Cook says

    Only 5 channels and tried it a number of times

  6. southkake says

    I do not see PVR clients in my add ons

  7. Matthew Squibbs says

    Just tried this. Doesn't work. What gives?

  8. George Pagkratis says

    Not working… Gives only 9 channels

  9. ray deering says


  10. yareli mendoza says

    doesn't work dont waste your time it only gave it me 9 channel but those don't work

  11. Tom Schwab says

    only half of them work

  12. Latrisse Hayward says


  13. Darwin D Pitts II says

    I still don't see the TV section on my main Bar on kodi

  14. Jdiff 1979 says

    nothing works. Is everything down?

  15. KEITH CARTER says

    Greetings, I ended up deleting the PVR IPTV Simple Client instead of Disabling it. How can I get that back on my list ?

  16. **** READ PLEASE***

    This is down right now but here is a few awesome replacements:

    If you have an android box try these:

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=33XrC4iR4jg – BEST 3 IPTV APK files for KODI LIVE TV SPORTS & MORE!


    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3eTZQiGGmis&t=7s – FREEDOM IPTV
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Cin9T11trs – FREETEE V
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kaz15WTkaTQ – KISAKUL



  17. Jimmie Miller says

    You the man

  18. Bang Stick says

    12/18/2016. Doesn't work anymore. don't waste your time.

  19. Pierce Batty says

    Sorry man. Thanks for the effort. Epic fail. ALL channels blocked.

  20. Delroy Robinson says

    guys stop wasting your time on these addons, they give it for free so you can beta test for them and then charge you later. better if you pay the 15-20 for iptv and have a more reliable stream. visit my Instagram. dellyiptv

  21. bigbopper1956 says

    Just did this yesterday works fine

  22. IPTV IVIEW HD says

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    iview Europe IPTV channels!
    1. works on Android TV box/Android TV Stick and Android Smart Phone/Tablet, https://www.facebook.com/groups/223727814646870/

  23. shop-a- tronics says

    Tried this 12/30/16 and the service has been shutdown for the time being due to overuse.
    Waste of time for now….

  24. KURTIS CLAY says

    I like to watch the TV series unsung & Unsung Hollywood how can I watch this in kodi whatever I try it says no stream available any answers?

  25. KURTIS CLAY says

    I like to watch the TV series unsung & Unsung Hollywood how can I watch this in kodi whatever I try it says no stream available any answers?

  26. KURTIS CLAY says

    thank you but you have so much information what do I look under for terranium?

  27. for you says

    1. works on Android TV box/Android TV Stick and Android Smart Phone/Tablet, https://www.facebook.com/groups/223727814646870/ ote tv και otesport+otecinema+ +fox cinema+ english skysport tv+ germany skysport tv

  28. Jaz & Keli says

    I watch this like 6 times it did not work

  29. Amos C says

    I put how you said and it didn't work.

  30. Mischelle Hackworth says

    Just installed and nothing. They shut it down due to over use

  31. jennifer snider says

    what do I do if the channels didn't load? It only gave me 9 channels none of which I can get to open up to anything

  32. chris b says

    only 9 channels loaded…

  33. foxwood67 says

    Test-TV guide shutdown!! 1/21/17 not working anymore .

  34. escobar196st says

    Kodi for firestick?

  35. Razvy Razvan says

    I almost fucked my older settings. It's not working

  36. Tony M says

    simple client for the pvr on my mxq pro 4k doesn't work. I keep getting add-on failed.

  37. Andrzej Dobrzynski says

    Fake , to set this up you need m3u list or Internet address with streams.

  38. diego aguilar says

    what iptv service is the best to watch live tv from Japan . thank you

  39. Hany Samir says

    Not working

  40. Elijah Stanback says

    this is hard and i cant get the rest of the last part

  41. hamtramck warrios says

    it gave me 9 channels !!!

  42. Todd Perry says

    Kodi will NEVER EVER replace regular tv.
    –All these people claim there are thousands of channels but they do not tell you that MAJORITY of those channels will NOT work at all. You may click 10 channels or more and if you are lucky you may get one to work and if it does you will be lucky if its in your language.
    –I have had the iptv installed for over a month and it does NOT have enough working channels to make it worth dropping your cable or other provider.
    –Its ok for just messing around in your spare time while you cycle through all the dead channels until you find one that works.
    –Kodi or someone needs to create an addon that checks for active channels and mark active and mark inactive on channels that no longer work .
    –I mainly watch my regular cable tv because the iptv do not have MOST of the channels I like that work.

  43. Plantpot says

    irelandiptv com seems to be the best place to get reliable iptv these days

  44. HIMEL SARKAR says

    How I buy ip tv

  45. Tedo BiH says

    Sorry but this about Kodi sucks i love Kodi before but channels work only 1 week and after that must update shiit and nothing work after some week

  46. ThePbrook1967 says

    How do I access it with Kodi No Limits Krypton 13 ?? I can’t even access the tv app….. It won’t let me download it

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