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The Best Kodi FREE IPTV Addon 840 Channels w/ TV Guide

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Almost all of the channels work on this bad baby here. The Best FREE kodi IPTV addon with 840 channels, World IPTV streaming in fantastic SD & HD quality. Got to check out this addon with a fantastically functioning TV guide. So if you like free IPTV then this Kodi addon, has to be the best thing out right now.. take a look

  1. adagre says

    The EPG has to come from somewhere what was the URL?

  2. Malky Cunniffe says

    Nothing but error check log messages.

  3. 505 Burquelobo says

    check log messages errors

  4. Eoin Edgar says

    nothing same as comment below T Streamz   regards Eoin

  5. Mike Applegate says

    U da' bomb bro

  6. Estiben Ruiz says

    camt enable i dont have a pvr

  7. Mike Applegate says

    Italian stations work great, no scraping, no friggin buffin

  8. Jose Ferrer says

    hello..it works great..some channels don't wirj but thats ok the remainder work excellent and the radio does to…great job..one thing l had to fish the pvr client from my add-ons since it did not show up like in your video..it was hard to follow because of the size of your tv..might be a idea to place your image on the corner so the audience cab follow..but very good job my friend.

  9. Estiben Ruiz says

    thanks alot i will try it out ..goodlooking out .you the man

  10. Johnnie Halliburton says

    this thing really work good thank u so much

  11. SWEeD says

    Hey any chance of some swedish channels some how, have looked everywhere for it.

  12. James Johnson says

    Im new to this. Do i have to uninstall my build to add this on?

  13. Trae Whitfield says

    I need a good build for firestick with movie,tv shows, USA tv, ppv, and Games.
    For alexa firestick and a regular firestick.

  14. Cecily Caldwell says

    I did everything as stated …loaded up top and everything … I don't see tv & radio …. i have the 01/03/2017 Pulse builds ..!

  15. Marvin Stewart says

    Question, I want to backup my fire stick to a thumb drive that I have plugged into my TV. How do I do that?

  16. Princess Schmidt says

    It worked T Streamz. Its the bomb.

  17. Kurtpoopants says

    Top notch video!!! well explained. i have been looking all over installing stuff…liked, comment and subscribed!!!

  18. Anthony Zayas says

    Can I add this addon with the pulse build from the ares wizard

  19. Kurtpoopants says

    cant get the streams to work. can only get bbc stuff and no usa content. could use some help or guidence

  20. Hey i just followed all ur instructions and yes everything works great and yes I have the F4m tester and everything worked with that installed

  21. BTW thank you so much I have a android box business and this is awesome stuff to know

  22. Curtis Wilson says

    really like your pesentation but the damm link comes up Couldn' t retrieve dictionary info

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