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  1. JEAN Marshall says

    Happy belated birthday

  2. ROOSKEE ROO says

    Need to get area 51 again really miss it bruh

  3. Mario Diaz says

    Hell yeah 51 back in full effect!! ???

  4. Joanna Tusa says

    Good job kraz

  5. ROOSKEE ROO says

    How soon go about getting 51 again?

  6. Edwin Vazquez says

    Hey Craz longtime hey thanks men!

  7. Tito Jones says

    Hi Kraz welcome back. We miss you videos.

    Is this a paid service??

    The links show that it is.

    Thank you again Kraz
    God Bless

  8. Jesse Martin says

    Nice to see ur videos again bud!!?hope everything is good buddy?

  9. Ice Ice KODI says

    kraz!!!! is back.

  10. Jesus Justiniano says

    Hi on the ufoservebeer.comm iptv addon i downloaded the addon but is asking me for info logg in i dont have that on the video all you say is downloaded and watch tv help me please what else to do ok thank you.

  11. Patachou Tee says

    Thanx, Kraz!✌
    ?Area-51? is awsome! Keeps getting better & better
    LOVE the DOLBY Digital Sound – which I don't know if any other IPTV service offers this!! The Premium NHL with choice of screen viewings scores a goal with me ??
    Great work Kraz!! ???

  12. Edwin Vazquez says

    A pay add on right?

  13. Edwin Vazquez says

    Not interesting but thanks bro!

  14. Lana's Vlog says

    Great video babe, xoxo! ? ❤️ ? ? ?

  15. Efraim Nazario says

    Thanks bro!

  16. Bob Brown says

    I purchased the service so I could compare it to SET TV. Some channels not only buffer, but freeze. Probably during high usage. Some channels are sometimes not available. But are restored in little time. I've had SET TV for a while now and can't find anything better. But, that being said, between the two, I have been using Area 51 more often than SET TV not only to just watch tv, but to test it. There are pros and cons. Remember. No matter what IPTV service you get, it's not going to be perfect. But for $20 a month (Set TV) and $10 a month (Area 51), you shouldn't complain, as the channels are MOSTLY up and working on both services. The pros for SET TV are the VOD, more expansive for both movies and tv shows than Area 51. It's not even close. The interface for SET TV is nicer, cooler. More like a Dish TV menu. SET TV has more channels than Area 51. The pros for Area 51 are most channels come in high HD. Beats SET TV hands down. Crips, clear, channels pops right up. Even though it doesn't have as many channels as SET TV, you probably won't miss them since your getting the meat of what everybody is looking for (PPV, NFL, sports packages, HBO's Cinemax, etc. The biggest difference between the two is that Area 51 has a favorites tab, so you can book mark your favorite channels so you don't have to go searching for them like you do in SET TV AND it runs flawlessly on my Samsung S7 Edge. SET TV CONSTANTLY buffers on my S7. So, I think I will let my SET TV expire (I can always activate it again if I want) and use Area 51. For $10 a month, it just may have made me kick SET TV to the curb. (I installed the APK, not the kodi addon)

  17. Andy BB says

    apk download invalid not working.

  18. Andy BB says


  19. famoustvstarr says

    You didn't mention in your video that this is a pay service. Next time you wanna make a comeback. dont.

  20. Charles Zimmerman says

    If it's a pay addon, it would be nice, if you put that info up front, instead of wasting peoples time.

  21. dazthemanc85 says
  22. roger facey says

    How do I get the service? U didn't mention how to

  23. Andy BB says

    Will this work with perfect player ?

  24. louie depalma says

    Craz …used to be a good guy., Until he got greedy !!! "Pay to Play"

  25. Nicholas Cheney says

    Damn so much hate lol… What's up Kraz, been awhile. How are you?

  26. Joseph Tusa says


  27. roger facey says

    Challenge accepted bruh! Buffers freezes and drops channels. Still for 10 bucks pretty good.

  28. John Evans says

    whats the  info to work it the  handle and password it comes with don't work for squat

  29. Sam Pipitone says

    it is asking for a pass word and username

  30. Sam Pipitone says

    I installed correctly I put in the password and Username player format is on ts and I cleared the cash on the firestick and still Nothing

  31. Sam Pipitone says

    I am just going to uninstall and avoid the head akes

  32. Chino107 Gonz says

    Wants me to login where do you go to login or to create an account and is this free these are things you left out of the video

  33. ron fransoo says

    Do I need a VPN?

  34. adrian robertson says

    Welcome back to YouTube Kraz! I've been meaning to mention to you that I have noticed the improvements in the add on! Well done sir!

  35. Gabe Sherrill says

    Can you get this in an APK instead of an Add on? Welcome back!

  36. Joseph Tusa says



    I don't see anything where it says how many Android boxes I can put this on. And is there a trial will you can try it for a couple of days before you have to pay?

  38. STOLEN EARTH says

    Nobody wants to pay Give Free Addons Or go back into your Coffin

  39. Calibulrdr says

    Hey Kraz great to see you back.Missed you bro!

  40. blackchipmedia says

    Works Great …..


    Looks like a good service especially Dolby Digital I really like using IPTV Services outside of Kodi I've been using set TV for a while I'll give this one a shot one of these days good video though


    How many devices can you link up with one paid service

  43. Nabil Hossain says

    I’m having trouble seeing any channels on the app

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