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What’s up guys hello and welcome to optimum please so today in this video I am going to relieve in the best FREE IPTV that works only on Cory don’t forget this will only work on cody and not any other application okay so without further ado let me begin this video and if you think this video is really helpful to you then don’t forget to subscribe to my channel and also don’t forget to smash the like button of this video alright guys so let’s begin the tutorial right now all right so before I start the video I would really like all of you to join the telegin group so that if you face any kind of problem to get the playlist up and running you can always join the group and ask for any assistance and I’m pretty much sure either me or any of the group members will be able to assist you to get the playlist up and running or any other issue regarding the playlist or any of the add-ons that you need to get these things up and running okay so the URL to join the group is HTTP colon forward slash forward slash P dot me for slash bliss TV okay so once you join the group you will find let me show you here let’s open the telegram group here you see we have almost 500 members here and the community is getting bigger and bigger each and every day I have just ditched my Facebook group because Facebook is just a lot of trouble and you don’t have the freedom of boys there okay so you just join the group in the telegram and I am pretty much sure you will be get any help that you need or you can share any of the idea to get any new things to be added in the playlist okay so let’s get back to the Cody now all that guys so to walk this thing around we need to add ons livestreams Pro and F web tester every register is the dependency of live streams flow and also it is the dependency to play any IPTV URL channel URL without getting kicked out okay so from the home screen of Kodi go to this gear icon from there you go to system settings and then go to add-ons from there you make sure unknown sources is turned on so that you can install any tiles Party co-leaders okay so now you go to file manager and then go to add souls and then type in the source URL here for the repository inside which you will find live streams flow and a for them tester okay so the URL is HTTP colon forward slash for us last be li SS that is please then – tv.com fuller slash like a forum okay very easy peasy I will also put down the link inside the description of this video so that you can copy and paste it on your kodi okay alright so one more thing just to su each and every one of you that if by any chance this sauce you oil is not working then make sure you come back to my video and you check the description because I will make sure I have put the latest source oil is at the description of this video okay so with that thing I will sleep on okay and I will just give a name for this source URL so the subsea oil should be blessed if you’re anything like okay so just click on OK after putting the name and then click on OK okay so once you have added the souls you just hit back button twice to come back to the home screen of Cody then select add-ons from here and then select this add-on browser okay and from there you select install from zip file and then you find the source URL you have added okay remember we have typed the source as Miss TV okay so I will just open it and install the repository inside this sauce okay so I have the repository daughter addicts repository inside the t’s sauce just click on OK and it should install the repository within a few moment okay let the repository install and we will carry on our installation process from there okay all right now that the repository got installed you select install from repository here and then select radek’s repo ok and then go inside pto arrows and there you will you will find a foreign tester and livestreams pro what add-ons here inside the video add-ons ok I will select f1 a tester first and then I will install it just select the first one and it should get installed very quickly ok so Mari affluent tester have been installed I will select live streams for now and I will select install here it should also get installed very quickly alright so the important arrows necessary to play the IPTV you I have been installed so now we can go back to the home screen of our Cody ok and from there you select add-ons and then go to video add-ons and you see f4 the tester and livestreams Pro has been installed ok so f1 tester like I said before is the dependency to play any IP TV channels without getting kicked out or without less buffering and so on and so forth ok so our task is with live streams flow here ok so right click on live streams Pro or long-press on it to bring up this setting icon setting button ok so we will select settings from here then select Elle sauce and from there make sure the sauce type is saying enter URL if it is saying choose file make sure you change it to enter URL okay and the next part is selected at URL okay so I will select everyone here and I will type the URL like now so the URL is HTTP colon slash slash four slash bi t dot ly was last white or pl/i tes s okay so Betty is busy HTTP colon slash slash slash B IP dot ly firstly you please okay I would also make sure I could link down below in the description of this video so that you can copy it okay and I will also make sure if and for any of the circumstances I changed the URL I will make sure I pulled that you are and down below of the description of the video okay so make sure you check the description of the video always if by any chance anything happened who knows not anything could happen okay so just click on AA key here and this part is important here okay once you select enter URL once you put the URL here you select add source okay man you guys before help click on OK just after putting the URL here and know this is the wrong way to do it okay so once you put the URL here you choose add sauce I repeat you choose add sauce once you put the URL here okay I will just select a URL and it will download the IPTV playlist okay so my IPTV playlists have been downloaded and it is asking me whether or not I would like to rename it okay have you just keep it as it is and I will click on OK and what you see live streams go with a message new sauce edit ok you don’t need to do anything here no don’t do anything here at all just click on okay and we are all set here okay so our task is now to open up live streams go and you will see the magic you see your bees here boom you see the best free IPTV playlist is in your clip right now okay so I will now show you what is all these fools about and why am i claiming that this is the best free IPTV around the Cody universe okay okay so let me very quickly show you what is inside this playlist okay so BD on demand is like your typical typical movies and TV shows inside them and the best part is we don’t demand is with one-click movie and TV shows that means you just click on any movie or TV shows and it will get opened up okay so pot Stream unlimited power house and blessing mode these are all IPTV scrapers this three section goes to the sub blocks and find the IPTV servers or playing links and make them watchable and also you won’t get kicked out very easily inside each of them okay and game changer we can fund next live the pirate stream these are all manually control okay and the chances are very highly that these links are not down okay so let me first show you what is inside Stream unlimited let’s open it up and open it away again alright so once Stream unlimited will open you will see so many servers is here okay so most of them are currently working so you just choose any of them and see if the channels inside are working or not so let me just very quickly open it up this one this is just a random choice to show you that if this is working or not okay so let’s find us servers okay so here are some US channels let’s see ESPN one I will just quickly pause the video and you see this thing is actually working man all right so let’s see MLB Network let deposit break quickly and you can see 720 is streaming here let’s see it Sports Net and it is HD and boom let me call it very quickly and I’m pausing the video so that I don’t get a copyright strike okay I can always play to show you that this is actually working but I can’t okay let’s come back out of here and show you what is inside powerhouse now let’s open it up and you can see inside potholes it is very nicely decorated inside every date you will find the service that’s being added on that particular date okay so right now you can see this service and whistles are added on 23rd December okay and all the links are also working so let me show you for example 19 December 1 and let’s play this one open it up and just open any random channel let’s see Dave and boom you can see all the links are also working how will you find free IPTV with so many working links and so many servers to choose from okay so let me show you one very simple thing let’s open this latest one all right now that you are inside this server you just place your cursor here or just press the left arrow button and if you will see these sections here okay from the you just select search and find the channel you are looking for for example let’s see if we have a lifetime channel here just type live key and you will see this channel is listed here 1 2 to 5 lifetime channel here let’s open up the US 1 alright you can see please speak he’ll clear 720p streaming in every section ok so this is just an example when you are inside any IPTV server and you just place your cursor here or just press on your left arrow key arrow key and you will see the section and from there you just go to search and type the channel you are looking for like let me show you again I just type in NHL and you see an actual network is here though this is all about these scraping sites stream on link a powerhouse and glad you move ok so let me very quickly show you that manual links are also working let’s open up we can find 2 [Music] alright 6161 chen inside we confront two and let’s see any of the 24/7 channel are working or not I’m a very big fan of Eddie Murphy let’s see if it is working or not oh man it is working ok so let’s see if any UFC 24 by 7 is working or not and boom boom boom whoa what do you need when you have so many free things are working for you ok so this is all about 2d and in my next video I am going to bring a massive kick out show ok so what does it mean is you see so many movies here and all of them are one-click movies ok and I will show you how to watch them without any add-ons ok you don’t need any third-party add-ons to find movies and TV shows on your Cody Cody itself is a very powerful media center and you don’t need any add-on to pay or find movies and TV shows or Cody ok so good bye guys if you find this video very helpful for you don’t forget to smash the like battle of this video


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