Kodi IPTV Service Providers


how to install and add list on your TV


Installation and adding the list of Smart IPTV APP. If you don’t have Smart IPTV APP, go to Samsung app store. When is open Samsung market? Go to search. And write “SMART IPTV”. Here is how it looks like Smart IPTV app. Then we go to the smart app and install it. I have installed an app. Then press enters for startup. This is how looks smart IPTV app without the list. Here is your mac address from your TV. Which you need for adding a list to your TV. To insert list you must go to official website from app. www.siptv.eu Here you enter mac address from your TV. Here link from your provider. After that press adds link. Automatically list will be on your TV. Here you can reset your list if you need to pod another list. After you install an app you will get 7 days to the test. When expires 7 days and you don’t pay your app will be suspended. On the official website, you have option activate and go to activate it and pay app.


The application is paying 5,49€. Here you put your mac address on your TV. You can pay with PayPal or credit card how you wanna to do. After you pay your application will be activated immediately..

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