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SIAE AlfoPlus 2 Hi there, this is the second episode of the Access Point Wlog. In our last episode, we introduced the SIAE AlfoPlus 2, this time we’ll show you how to configure it and we’ll present an interesting case study of our partner as well. Configuring the AlfoPlus 2 is no easy task. You can set the radio interfaces the same way as any other similar radios, it’s pretty simple, but the switch interface is challenging not only for us but for most of our clients as well. We installed this SIAE link with a 60 cm and a 90 cm antenna to a distance of kilometers from Mátészalka, Hungary. During the installation we started with the multicast traffic for IPTV service at first, it operated correctly without any problem. But when the existing internet data traffic was redirected from an older antenna to this new SIAE link, where due to the higher data traffic, most of our clients faced that the web browsing was not available.

In this case, the problem with the SIAE AlfoPlus 2 radio was that multicast traffic worked perfectly on port #1 but on port #2 which was used for internet data traffic, HTTP sites were loaded very slowly although ping time was constantly under 1 msec. In a close cooperation with the SIAE support, we went on the spot, where we detected the error and replaced the AlfoPlus 2 radios with a fresh pair of AlfoPlus 2 devices, after that no errors occurred. We found out that the new devices have different firmware versions so we concluded that the error was caused by the wrong software version. So that was our second episode. If you have any questions or comments feel free to contact us. We’ll be back soon. SIAE AlfoPlus 2


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