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SECRET TV IPTV Live TV Channels on Kodi Addon JULY 2017

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This is a very nice IPTV KODI Addon, the secret TV IPTV kodi addon has many channels that work great latino, uk, english iptv channels flawless. Just add this repo and follow the steps:

Learn how to install Kodi and run the best kodi builds on my channel it doesn’t matter if you are using Kodi 16, Kodi 17.5, if it’s a fire stick or the new fire tv 4k. You will see the best Kodi builds on my channel and you will also explore many wizards like Ares Wizard, and how to get kodi setup for live tv and free cable tv, all the stuff on my channel is free. There is many best builds on my channel I also show you how to install terrarium tv on fire stick or any amazon fire tv device. I also show you complete Kodi setup and how to use kodi properly and stop kodi buffering on many devices including kodi beelink device, nvidia shield, fire tv 4k, fire stick and fire tv, installing kodi on firestick is very easy, jailbraking a firestick is simple and on my channel I will teach you how to do this on KODI, kodi 18 is also coming out and is very stable and soon will be even more stable, 17.5 is running good, kodi 17.4 runs ok. Kodi used to be called XBMC foundation which was the official company of KODI, there is a few people involved in the kodi project which is open source, there is other APK’s which are great for kodi iptv like swiftstreamz apk, also zion tv, terrarium tv like i said and also livenettv apk, exodus kodi addon is not working very good now but elysium and covenant kodi addon is good, phoenix kodi addon is not longer working but as soon as there is kodi addon update or how to update kodi you will find this information on my channel and thank you for watching everything about Kodi.



  1. ios device says

    ???????? ?? ?? ???? ???? ??? ??

  2. Edgardo Velez says

    Can you find a sportsdevil fix thanks

  3. maniac1075 says

    Either the repo has changed or its not compatible with Kodi 16. I get a bunch of things I can install but nothing about secret any thing.

  4. Everything Kodi says

    Helpful video thank you

  5. arvind padhiar says

    I have installed this repository, and went to iinstalladdons but I don't see secret tv . why?

  6. Mac Gambino says

    Try Pluto Tv

  7. michael keys says

    f4mtester is it still working because I am not getting it to work maybe the source is different can someone send me a new source to get f4mtester thank u

  8. Michael H says

    Works Well!!!!

  9. Djamel eddie says

    I don't see secret tv ???

  10. Elvis66 says

    Dude!! you are da man!! GREAT video!!! works like a snap!!!! Great stuff!!!!!

  11. Amerikano Tech s.a. says

    im adimin of amerikano tuga addon.
    if possible you can do a video about my addon..
    thank you for attention……

  12. Dencie McCause says

    how a bought this. i will want to watch the Conner Mayweather fight . what channel will i find it on the fire stick.help me and all others if you can. maybe a video coming soon?

  13. J D says

    can you do a video showing us
    how to watch ufc 214 sometime before next saturday please ?

  14. Wildpony98 says

    Need more Big Ten Network channel locations for football season coming up. Thanks

  15. Junior Jordan says

    it works , but I hope it will last more than a week.

  16. Saltydogy says

    Thanks man but honestly some channels work great but lots lag like fuck, and I'm talking about the USA ones.

  17. Russell Pitts says

    What sites can I use for movies, TV shows using a browser on PC? Please help if you know

  18. Tony Howell says

    This worked great till 7/23/17. Seems account that was streaming is now suspended. Very sad 🙁

  19. Carmadean Carmadean says

    Hello….. I installed my secretTVVIP, which installed great, but for some reason it didn't install my F4M tester or F4M Proxy and when I go to install it, it tells me it's failed. And when I was able to install the F4 and tester and selected SecretTVVIP to watch a movie, it told me that I had an error on my F4M tester. What am I doing wrong? I already went to wizard And deleted my package and cachet and force closed Kodi. I tried to reinstall it again and it still tells me it's failed due to not having another dependency. I've been trying since yesterday. Please help, I'm getting a migraine ??

  20. Mara Negron says

    That didnt last very long …youre a big joke.. very dissapointed

  21. samia ben talha says

    thank you for the good job A++++++++

  22. Yodaddi Jim says

    looking for an add on that has the Sportman Channel and World Fishing Network

  23. Carmadean Carmadean says

    Hi…..just got this notice on my SecretTVVIP. It says "suspended, because of abuse." Doesn't let me watch live tv any more. Is this temporary?

  24. simsalamia says

    "Fake News" Hahahhahahahahaha

  25. Mauro Rampichini says

    thank you for a long time I have been trying to watch Italian tv and this addon is just what I have been looking for a very long time

  26. Charm B says

    did all you said but it doesn't work, error says fail to connect to server. I use the exact link you put in the description above

  27. Cris Serpas says

    This doesn't work don't waste your time folks and also don't forget to dislike fake content like this for the Kodi culture. ???

  28. Masha Bear says

    tnx bro. its realy great. cheers.

  29. Don Pablito says

    amazing works great! thank you!

  30. SnowCrust says

    Unable to connect

  31. eutuxisbd choumadakis says

    it doesnt work on me

  32. Mahatir Niloy says

    Unable to install f4m tester

  33. Karibbean Made says

    How do I get live stream pro on my firestick? The Shani repo is down. Can it be sideloaded using es explorer? Is so, how do I go about doing that?

  34. AJLION GAMING says

    This works… first time someone is actually useful when it comes to kodi… I subbed

  35. Everybody Loves Demi says

    When I went to install from repository I didn't see Secret Tv IpTv

  36. Sandro Vicente says

    They're not hispanic/latino. They're portuguese.

  37. Robert Schaeffer says

    Doesn't work. Don't bother.

  38. Robert Schaeffer says

    "unable to connect" to server error after addon installation. broken crap. Dont bother.

  39. izri1 says

    And after 3 weeks, most of the streams don't work anymore.

  40. Ron Tavakoli says

    HiI am trying to install vip secret tv, but after the installation i get the can not connect to repository message.
    I have tried two different sources, non works.
    Is there a problem with the site?

  41. Mischelle Lowry says

    Hey i keep trying and trying to add it, and I have backed space and forward space and it still will not connect. I really like this IPTV Add- On and would like to be able to install it. What's maybe the problem on my side or the repos itself? Please let me know if anybody as well is having this issue Peace………..

  42. Shekhar Basnet says

    Couldn't retrieve directory information???

  43. Rãyẻŋ ツ says

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