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Put Your M3U / IPTV Subscription On Kodi. Setup And Install PVR Simple Client on Kodi

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This is PVR simple client but you must have a provider .

The provider i recommend to all my subscribers is Kevin who’s subscription is by far the best I have reviewed. Competitive prices. And most of all great customer service.

When contacting Kevin you will need to put FREE TECH somewhere in the email to get the best prices. comment below if you have any problems and the price list is just below.

Contact: kevdaniels531@gmail.com

subject: Free Tech … or start the message with free tech

PRICE LIST: 1 Month IPTV [No Adult] £10

1 Month IPTV [Adult] £10

1 Month IPTV&VOD [Adult] £15

1 Month IPTV&VOD [No Adult] £15

6 month ALL Channels (NO ADULT) £20

6 month ALL Channels (ADULT) £20

6 Month IPTV&VOD [Adult] *Multiroom* £40

6 Month IPTV&VOD [No Adult] *Multiroom* £40

6 Month VOD Only [Adult] £20

6 Month VOD ONLY [No Adult]£20

6 months ALL CHANNELS + VOD (ADULT)£30

6 months ALL CHANNELS + VOD ( NO ADULT) £30

6 Month IPTV&VOD [Adult] – ZGemma Recording Enabled £35

6 Month IPTV&VOD [No Adult] – ZGemma Recording Enabled £35

12 month ALL CHANNEL + VOD (ADULT) £45

12 month ALL CHANNEL + VOD ( NO ADULT)£45

12 month ALL CHANNEL ( NO ADULT) £35

12 month ALL CHANNEL ( ADULT) £35

12 Month IPTV&VOD [Adult] *Multiroom* £70

12 Month IPTV&VOD [No Adult] *Multiroom*£70

12 Month IPTV&VOD [Adult] – ZGemma Recording Enabled £65

12 Month IPTV&VOD [No Adult] – ZGemma Recording Enabled £65

  1. Joanne Watts says

    Hi where do I get the M3U playlist from and load onto a fire stick..TIA

  2. Frank Ward says

    Cheer up pal you sound well naffed of its not like you

  3. enzo says

    Hi.. I sent a e-mail to kev  and got   1 month subscription to try it out before buying the 6 or 12 months and added it to  KODI the way you explained in the video, Nice and Easy that was Cheers mate…I'm waiting to hear back from Kev because I wanted more Italian channels if possibleI wanted to ask if it's better on the firestick? and is it possible to set up the guide doing it this way?Cheers

  4. Angelo Restrepo says

    So how good is the service? Does mostly everything works?

  5. Tomart anart says

    Hi, I’ve been following your great videos on here although I am a novice, can you please tell me how I can contact your recommended iptv guy, thanks

  6. enzo says

    Thanks Mate

  7. Tommy Dawson says

    Hi, very good patience and quality service from Kevin, however the VOD films are not playing, gives options of opening with es loader or es media player, but both failed to play, I tried to download both es downloaded and es media player but saying not in the catalogue, I am using firestickI think the server is in maintenance at the moment so maybe it’s that or do I have to download another player, I would appreciate some advice, thanks

  8. Tommy Dawson says

    It worked, thank you mate

  9. Tommy Dawson says

    Hi mate, got iptv problem again, VOD films not opening/ working for last 3 days, VLC not working etc, can you advise any other programmes to open them with, thanks

  10. Tommy Dawson says

    Hi mate, hope you re ok, just wanted to ask if Kevin has gone out of business, I’ve paid him ,but it’s not working at all and he’s not responding to my emails, I am getting all the numbers vertically but each number is saying no channel name…do you know how I can rectify this please

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