Kodi IPTV Service Providers
  1. Damian Slayer says

    How do you add Direct TV now app to Samsung Smart TV KS9500 model?

  2. Vasu Jaganath says

    DIRECTV Now, right now is absolute crap. Horrible on demand performance.

  3. Paqui Rivera says

    Cómo funciona esto puedes explicarme gracias soloman

  4. Darylifill Ifill says

    thank you

  5. William G says

    CSN not included, is a deal breaker. Sling keeps promising, it's coming soon. Only PS vue has it, need to watch my Chicago sports.

  6. Ferney Velandia says

    lo puedes explicar en español brother , gracias ?

  7. David Adams says

    what is the name of your song in the opening?

  8. Louis DeSantis says

    Hello, have downloaded the DirecTVNow app from the Play Store to a Yundoo Y6 TV Box and when I attempt to open the app, it starts to play and then gives the error message 40. One of the items this error message notes is that this app does not support rooted devices.  Is this something you have run into and is there anything I can do to be able to run this app?
    Thank you in advance for your help. And I'm new to Android TV Boxes so if I need to purchase a new TV Box, how do I know if a box is rooted or unrooted before purchasing? Again, thanks so much.

  9. mrbluboy44 says

    Still doesn't work on android TV boxes?

  10. JiSiN3000 says

    @Solo Man
    thx for that Review

    I would like to ask you if there is an official Channel List?
    And do you have any feedback from European People? (if the bandwidth / distance could be an issue?)

  11. Wesley Waddell says

    can you use this on a roku?

  12. Floreypottery says

    got it the other day thru att 35 for 3 months and got a free apple tv. wish I would got their a day earlier for the big package for 35

  13. Nicolas Rodriguez says

    Tiene canales latinos ? cuanto cuesta ?

  14. Alan Romero says

    Use to be good quality now majority of the channels quality are shit. They run at 540p 30 fps

  15. Handeep Singh says

    how did you get the direct tv app for kodi?

  16. mizhollywd says

    I don't know if anyone can help me. I just got Kodi and I bought Directv Now that streams. I need to download it from Amazon but it won't allow me because it doesn't have my purchasing information because the firestick is already signed in on Amazon. If I delete the person I don't know if it will delete everything. I don't know what to do.

  17. momfrom NJ says

    this works for fire tv too I assume?

  18. thephily says

    this does NOT support Android TV!

  19. BlackDvil says

    35$ is so expansive…
    It's more than I'm paying for basic cables…

  20. Hershekyss says

    Is there a way to bring in IPTV – Directv Now into Kodi for channel viewing in one app?

  21. Barry Hammond says

    My internet is running at 50 meg my tv keeps buffering is it because I have a old fire stick I want to switch but not if it going to do that help?

  22. Chrystian Gallegos says

    how do I install the directv on the roku?

  23. Fat Tony says

    The average price of IPTV service providers is around 15€£$.Sorry but there is no way I'm paying 35 a month.

  24. Ed Irizarry says

    Totally stupid that they do not and basically refuse to support android devices and the Nvidia Shield. Guess their management shouldn't be surprised when we all take our business elsewhere.

  25. legotech7 says

    Is available for roku?…

  26. The_Godfather says

    how much is this per month?

  27. Yousef Imran says

    Their on demand collection is absolutely crap. How are you broadcasting a channel like FOX for example and only have 1 season of Family Guy or 6 seasons of Bob's burgers with only 2 episodes of each season?

  28. Marvell Williams says

    I just hooked up with direct TV i love it but can't get the time on the guide rite wit my time tell how

  29. Sheila Kelemen says

    Does it have golf channel

  30. Medhat Shehata says

    Do I have to have smart tv? Bc mine isn't smart tv? Any answer or ideas? Thank You

  31. Nes says

    Gratis only

  32. Nes says

    1 dollar a month

  33. Nes says

    My final offer

  34. ComedianChris says

    how do you get directv Now on your TV? I have an android TV, but can't get it. Help

  35. Christopher Carter says

    Can you put the DirecTV now on leelbox or mi box and which one is the best?

  36. Dennis Sullivan says

    My advice is simple this… SLING!

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