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How To install Isreal Live:

Hi guys a quick tutorial to enable live tv and guide on kodi. All you have to do is link it to m3u files and xml files for playlists. the files can be on your computer or linked to files online. + instructions to set up the guide

  1. sean whatford says

    hi, are the channels Geo locked ?? ,thanks great videos

  2. Joe Purnell says

    Cant use as it says 'you need a tuner, backend software and an add-on for the backend to be able to use pvr' any ideas?? thanks!

  3. king dot says

    good vid

  4. michael keys says

    blessings brother good video but I need u to please show me how to put in xml for Israel live tv I am having m8s+ android box u say to go to your kodi folder where must go please help me

  5. michael keys says

    Ok from where?

  6. michael keys says

    my kodi was installed directly onto my box

  7. michael keys says

    wow you have now don't know what to look for

  8. michael keys says

    I would love for you to show me step by step video or we can connect by phone here is my number 0107946495 it is my magicjack number

  9. michael keys says

    I am from barbados in w.i

  10. Andrew Nicholls says

    hi i have installed isreal live and linked it to tv, but no channel is working when i click it is it something i have done wrong.

  11. kurt denley says

    M3U play list path can't find kodi file any ideas thanks

  12. Pissing People Off says

    all seems to be working apart from it says "No information available" for the channels have i done something wrong?

    brilliant tutorial 🙂

  13. Jordan Kodi says

    None of the good channels work. Might be good if you speak a language other than English

  14. Derek Çockill says

    I had the channels showing but not when I clicked on the guide. Checked the path was correct, but message comes up saying dependencies not met and have now lost the TVs icon?

  15. MIKE says

    Hi as i've tried already so many other tutorial i prefer asking first.. I'm trying to watch HBO or StarMovies. Does this makes it possible to watch? I'm from Switzerland 😉 thank's a lot for all your tutorial, great work 😉

  16. djluiscampos says

    hello. im not sure where to find the iraelive. im using a pc windows 7

  17. ColossalCrib says

    installed ok. but I don't get any of the UK channels. lol.

  18. sheek1982 says

    Another great vid but is there a way to deactivate the unwanted channels faster?

  19. Mac Mini says

    Can you show how you add this on your build?

  20. Tom Enitan says

    Hi greate video, I have question, why on my I am not seeing the picon and no the guide, everything on t iptv simple client is identical to your tutorial.
    Thanks for your response

  21. Curtis Petrie says

    top tutorials is this still working?

  22. nir yaari says

    can you share the file on your folder ' i need it do smart tv apps

  23. Shiu Long Shek says

    Hello why androids same setting but not working? Don't have TV item

  24. Andrew Currie says

    excellent if I could get the epg to work, no programme info on any channel.

  25. Mark Astley says

    there is no Itv or any other English channels

  26. barcawinabali says

    I can not find IPTV SIMPLE CLIENT. I use kodi on fire stick, does that matter.

  27. Simply Kasy says

    can you tell me how I can install a ip hider like hide my ass on kodi so that I can view channels that have ip blocks on them. great video I also subscribed to your chanel

  28. Carmella Norris says

    How do I get the loggos to show? I have the guide but it is blank…how do I fix this?

  29. cj Faysal says

    i have m3u file but i dont know where to find the xml file

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