Kodi IPTV Service Providers
  1. NinetyFour says

    I see that the source is down, do you have a new one for us? I'm just trying to get kids and news channels for USA.

  2. LISA SHACK says

    I did what you said and got a message you need a turner, backend software and addon for the backend to be able to use PVR. What do I do now?

  3. George Pagkratis says

    Not working

  4. Elizabeth Banks says

    I only got 9 "channels" and I can't even watch them because they are not channels. and I can't go back please help

  5. Clayton Lima says

    no working !!!!

  6. f.natasha Hussain says

    does not work man

  7. Jazzmaster19482005 Bandit48 says

    when i hit the enabled tab noting comes up am i doing something wrong

  8. Jazzmaster19482005 Bandit48 says

    I got the tv icon but i cant get any channels
    I am using a MXq PRO 4k box with kodi

  9. Ahmed Noormahomed says

    sorry! pure waist of time . As simple as that!!!

  10. horsepower2007 says

    only 9 channel available,

  11. Roller Derby is Cool says

    This channel is now shut down due to overuse.

  12. D. All the Above says

    That's bc this is over a year old. IPTV Channels fall. Hit me up I'll add goodfellas addon with IPTV Simple Client Addon configured in. Videos are in English also, lol. Not converted English although he is not too bad. ???

  13. D. All the Above says

    Testers is also down but will be back up in April sometime. Don't even try, search Stalker IPTV videos, almost identical.

  14. James Pocknee says

    doesn't work anymore

  15. LoriP says

    Doesn't work 🙁

  16. Benny Sherman says

    Will this work with a hdhomerun prime with cablecard which I have streaming to my tv via kodi

  17. Auggy Bendoggy says

    Everything but MS Mcenter sucks.  Man I've tried to get a TV guide on every HTPC program out there and nothing because each one requires XML knowledge. 

    I'm thinking someone would do alright if they made a WMC program like Kodi (that works correctly) and you only put in your zip code and Boom.  So frustrating.

  18. Macho Man says

    Man….this is Tewfik'in crazy!

  19. mike burt says


  20. Kashif Raza says

    no scan for pvr and then nothing work

  21. unknown lam says

    Same they say overuse

  22. MilMike says

    in your thumbnail of this video I see an channel EPG list but no list here in this video.. how do I set up EPG in Kodi?

  23. RacerX nunyab says

    yeah and if you want to record them you are screwed this method dont work. THIS IS NOT A PVR

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