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KODI is still alive and proof is the free iptv addon called MOBDINA. With MOBDINA you can watch live channels from all over the world with Sports, Movies, News, Music, Shows, etc. In this brief tutorial I am going to show you how to install the MOBDINA add-on on KODI and also how fast the channels are when you select to open them!

You can find the Mobdina addon on the Playonmonkey Repository.

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  1. equalizer says

    Garbage a lot of channels don’t load apparently u already knew what channels work so it look like it was a good addon but it’s not

  2. alain valdes says

    Kodi still alive in dimitrology dreams.
    I give up Kodi long time ago after everything time I have my family ready to watch a nice family movie and I have to start playing around with addons not working and shit..

  3. Jayme McNair says

    Love your videos

  4. Andrew Marshall says

    Nice one dimi mate thanks again is schism tv build yours just asking it looks very good build keep the video coming and keep on doing what you do best thanks again

  5. James Cumming says


  6. Paul Smith says

    Movie/ tv show sections sucks as you will have found out yorself


    Please Dimi, that's Mobdro copy ?

  8. Michael Obodai says

    dimi how do i get cnn America on the latest version of schism, it provides cnn international only

  9. Makolo Muswaswa says


  10. Kostis Di says

    you 're awesome dimi,with your fucking awesome addons for kodi simple the best bro!!!

  11. Papa McCheese says

    Just download Mobdro Apk… It won't fail at sometime, which ALL FREE IPTVs eventually do..

  12. tuck the fitans g says

    I have zero problem with kodi

  13. Matthew Turner says

    Do You know an add-on where we can just look for sports by event? Preferrably american… I don't need 100 random ass sports channels.

  14. limited edition says

    I'd like to agree with my friend will but free links on kodi are dying every day it's not looking good with the lack of streams these days.

  15. Mohamed Sobhy El Farargy says

    that's amazing Dimi. can we have Arabic live channels and Arabic movies please

  16. Kostas Zam says

    Ευχαριστούμε Dimi. Βάλε και όταν θες κανα πρόσθετο για να βλέπουμε (γκουχ ,γκουχ !!!) Ελληνικά κανάλια!

  17. Imz J says

    Dimi you definitely have got the beat. Thank you very much. Dimi is the best. I've even tried paid IPTV and they can't stop the buffering for the same channels. But you have made it happen. You're a magician Dimi.

  18. Vaggelis Mouss says

    πως θα κανουμε αναβαθμιση σε 17,5 η δε χρειαζετε στο δικο σου εφε του κοντι;

  19. Fantazy Fantazycompany says

    Πατριωτακι εισαι φοβέρος . Ψάχνω απελπισμενα καποιο προσθετο για KODI για να βλεπω Ευρωλιγκα , αν ξερεις κατι θα το υπερκτιμουσα . Και παλι Respeact !!!

  20. Patrick Gilligan says

    nice one dimi much appreciated as always also i left a reply for billy no mates Alain valdes

  21. John Waring says

    Dimitrology!!! Thanks for the HOOK-UP!!! It works Modulus!!!!! Question: Do they a add-on or anything that I can get my local news in Myrtle beach South Carolina.. AND KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!!!!!

  22. maik pole says


  23. TROOPER 69 says


  24. Moussa ElMarhouli says

    haha you are a cool guy . I like your accent snd videos , where are you from??


    the logo looks like Modbro apk. So i assume it is related. livenettv and redbox tv now have agressive adverts cutting of the stream every time

  26. MrJoespillane says

    None will open live only shows?

  27. Brad King says

    I have a question, I installed the IPTV right, well when I go to channels and click on the station names, and hear the click, it get ready like it is fixing to play, cause the circle spin and spin right, next thing it goes back to the station name and does not play at all like it be about to, why's that, could it be maybe I need a VPN to take care of that for me and I will be straight then, let me know

  28. Pantelis Koumelas says

    Ρε φίλε, μια το κατσαβίδι, μια τα ακουστικά, έχεις βαλθεί να μας τρελάνεις… χαχαχαχα!!!! Να είσαι καλά φίλε dimi!

  29. Tony H says

    None of the music links work, doesn't have as a complete TV channel links as the "real one" but sports links "seem" to be solid at the moment. A good back up if the real deal doesn't work .

  30. Ijaz H says

    Sky sports channels not working on Mobdro either. Get TV3LPC which works well on android and PC and the sky sports channels work.

  31. William Rogers says

    Another Great Addon THANKX

  32. Joshua Stephenson says

    Why do none of the add-ons never have nbcsn?

  33. fridayone2 says

    excellent… works 🙂

  34. NightLifeDJs says

    No Demi, Kodi is dead because you told everybody to forget Kodi and go APK remember?

  35. Dj Sidney Thompson says

    is MOBDINA still working I just installed today getting a check log for error message

  36. Gorion Rod says

    Men, Thank You For taking the time to do the video I'm new to this Kodi,now I have a Idea on How to install, Thanks.

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