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IPTV Stalker Pr 100% working how to install on kodi — July 2016

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IPTV Stalker 100% working
Here is an easy to follow tutorial that will show you how to install a 100% working IPTV Stalker Pr for Kodi.

1. Select SYSTEM — File Manager

2. Select Add Source

3. Select None

4. Type the following EXACTLY and select Done

5. Highlight the box underneath Enter a name for this media Source, type intrcomp repo & select OK

6. Go back to your Home Screen

7. Select SYSTEM

8. Select Add-Ons

9. Select Install from zip file

10. Select intrcomp repo

11. Select Instalar Primero

12. Select repository.intrcomprepo-OLD.zip

13. Wait for Add-on enabled notification

14. Select Install from repository

15. Select intrcomp Media

16. Select Video add-ons

17. IPTV Stalker PR

18. Select Install

19. Wait for Add-on enabled notification

20. IPTV Stalker PR is now installed and ready to use. As usual the add-on can be accessed via VIDEOS — Add-Ons — IPTV Stalker PR

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  1. John Shepley says

    it says access denied….. what do i do?

  2. nailopan says

    I receive…. Stalker PR Acess Denied

  3. Jim Cicchitti says

    just try to install it authorization failed


    When I go to tv en vivo it keep onn telling me that stalker or is access denied

  5. Sherika Baker says

    I'm almost there, but when I go to open the Stalker tv, it says access denied. How can I fix this?

  6. Sherika Baker says

    I can't open the IPTV STALKER PR. When I click on TV En Vivo…access denied. Tried to put in in twice

  7. ramen956 says

    acces denired 🙁

  8. RogerTheShrubber says

    IPTV Stalker 0% Working!!

  9. Gerardo Araujo says

    Access denied

  10. KSlatt0327 says

    I just got Authorization Failed! Is this still working?

  11. Bedzy LFC says

    It went Down over a week ago lol .

  12. Shahzad Sahail says

    i add everthing correct what you suggest but Not working Access Not working Access Denied
    still not working!!
    like crape

  13. J B says

    says access denied?

  14. arvind padhiar says

    not working.

  15. Empower Someone says

    Why play music so loud with a computer generated voice speaking? Kill the music. Thank you

  16. Country Music Television says

    how can i get this working

  17. Sean Mark says

    not working, Getting access denied

  18. J PF says

    And the Zip file?

  19. Bill Lifsey says

    I am using kodi 17. How do I get to System/File Manager?

  20. Bill Lifsey says

    Never mind my first question, Stalker PR is installed, but when I click on Live TV, Tv En Vivo, I get a big red X saying Access Denied. What can I do to get this program working?

  21. ARCEJ33 says

    Are the channels in English or Spanish?

  22. rasco snow says

    path not found or invalid..

  23. Alex Gnz says

    i did everything but the stalker pr doesn't show..i just got iptvpr

  24. quality333 says

    Doesnt work access denied Get me something good ok?

  25. Todd Williams says


  26. Mateo Colon says

    need a update is this working for anyone runing jarvis 16.1..iptvpr..stalkerplus need to know i can install it but error 404 cheglog anyone knows whats going on with this tired of dealing with this pr chanel bull always someshit going on all the other iptv stalion golden work exept this one …someone who know whats going on with this should explain whats going on the this new update not woking tried 3 times diferent builds etc

  27. ariel rodriguez says

    that repository is not there ….

  28. Fresh Fresh says

    no STALKER option to choice , Kodi, sportdevil etc but not stalker

  29. Emiel Israel says

    NOT working did not get the OLD.zip only the 1.2zip file with is not working

  30. Antoine Guice says

    I don't have instalar primero folder showing up

  31. golfinguna says

    I have been on 4 of these videos so far and none of them work, I`ve tried installing from zip file and repository with no luck. I`ve also got a problem with my remote? it won`t let me go to my home tab or back button when I have pages in front o0f the main page. Any advice would be appreciated.

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