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IPTV Stalker/EPG/Mag as low as $70.00 a year?! 1000+ Channels! Detailed Tutorial **Nov, 2015**

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Want to pay for reliable IPTV Stalker/EPG/Mag without any issues? This guide shows you how to do just that with a manual included. It has NFL Pass, NBA Pass, NHL Etc.

**IMPORTANT** If you’re having problems using the Stalker Client (EPG Ninja), Enable PVR Simple Client after you place the Donation code, and other relevant information into the Stalker Client NFPS (Epg Ninja) and then disable the Stalker Client NFPS. It worked for me.

NOTE * MAC can be used in any stalker add on just check “Send Serial Number” and “Custom MAC”
KODIManiac Contact Info:

PSA: Regarding KODEmaniac (IPTV Stalker reseller), I have received many complaints lately, and many attempts to contact him over the last few days were futile, he simply did not reply. I advise all my supporters to discontinue with his service until I get confirmation from him. Great suggestion is Stream Catcher . If you wish to get Stalker still, visit

IPTV Private Server:

Manual & IPTV Stalker Download Link:

EPG Ninja:

**Note Just use MAC in Stalker if thats the way you want to watch the channels and select “Send Serial Number”**
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  1. LwS Repo says

    How do I buy iptv that I can generate m3u8 or ts links from to use in my addon ?

  2. Saturnino Calderon says

    https://iks66.tv/main/search/ is not available. how to start step one?

  3. Saturnino Calderon says

    How many boxes can be activated with one subscription? I own 3

  4. dustin magee says

    Hey bro. I had it working for a couple of months. Now its says it can't load the channels. I tried to get a new mac number but it keeps saying can't update. Any help would be cool…. Thx.

  5. dustin magee says

    What is that.

  6. dustin magee says

    How do i get it? Can u send me a li k on how to get it?

  7. Harsh K says

    Hi can you tell me how install simple client NFPS plz

  8. Harsh K says

    Where is my repo on kodi

  9. Harsh K says

    Man plz help me I am new

  10. Harsh K says

    I need chennals because I have paid 5 $ so I need to know how to work it. What should I do with your repo. I am new I do not know what to do. Plz help

  11. Harsh K says

    I don't get how to download your repo

  12. Harsh K says

    Where should I go when I open the repo

  13. Harsh K says

    Your repo

  14. Harsh K says

    I can't find simple client NFPS in plug ins

  15. Harsh K says

    Hi Sir I wanted to ask what should I do with this link where should I go when I press. What should I do with it. What is a replay. Sir can you plz help me I am new to all of this.

  16. Harsh K says

    Sorry to bother you again could you plz tell me how to get stalker client on kodi I don't understand what is a repo and what should I do with your repo. Can you plz tell me the way and thanks

  17. Harsh K says

    Stalker client NFPS

  18. Harsh K says

    Because I have stalker client but I want to get stalker client NFPS. Can you tell me how to get it step,by step not just giving me a repo because I don't know what it is I am new right. Thanks in advanced

  19. Harsh K says

    I have a m8 box can you tell me how to install it because I don't know. Also it is arm and my box is,android

  20. Harsh K says

    Which zip file look at your email

  21. Harsh K says

    Hello sir which zip file is it . i found your email at your channel so I emailed you on your email

  22. Harsh K says

    You know where it says XMLTV file it does not say all it only says 72 and 241

  23. Harsh K says

    Sorry 24

  24. Harsh K says

    I am going to send you email on your gmail in 10 mins and show you what happens with me

  25. dustin magee says

    It was working for me, now it just says unable to load channels. I am using pvr stalker 8.4. Why would it work for a couoke of month and now not. Makes no sense.

  26. dustin magee says

    Where do i get the apk. I am not using an android device with kodi. I am using a rasberry pi 2. I haven't had it working for over a month now. Any suggestions?

  27. Jonathan Ruiz says

    Do all the channels work or some dont work .. Will this work for the stick fire.. Also what about spanish channels like mexico channels.

  28. isaac rosario says

    where can i buy a mag 254 box?

  29. isaac rosario says

    and what the best bix for u ?

  30. isaac rosario says

    where can i find to donate stalker bro

  31. Else Waters says

    Free Live Sex Cam Show, Exclusive Unlimited Access: BabeGirlsHere.BlogSpot——————c0m


    is there any way to try it out for a month I don't want to purchase a full year I would like to try it first

  33. manuel taveras says

    what is the difference between iptv stalker,rocket

  34. Simply Caz says

    PSA: Regarding KODEmaniac (IPTV Stalker reseller), I have received many complaints lately, and many attempts to contact him over the last few days were futile, he simply did not reply. I advise all my supporters to discontinue with his service until I get confirmation from him. Great suggestion is Stream Catcher https://www.facebook.com/groups/streamcatchercollective/ . If you wish to get Stalker still, visit http://iksprivateserver.com/

  35. Mark Oliver says

    is this still available and legit?

  36. Terrin knowles says

    Streamcatcher Caz is a paid service? Looking for a legitimate and reliable client. Can you help?

  37. Cccam Gate says

    Best price, Best CCcam & IPTV
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  38. Jack Harden says

    Hey man. I decided to create a "Shoutout Sunday" . Just look at the description of any of my shoutout videos to find out how to get a shoutout! Have a good day and keep it up!

  39. Robbin Puccio says

    I have not been able to get ahold of kodemaniac. he is not responding. I purchased a yearly subscription. what do I do now? any suggestions would be helpful. thanks

  40. Neil Rampersad says

    great video, I can hear a Barbados accent there, I am from Trinidad

  41. Jac Cartuccie says

    If you are interested in the best PREMIUM IPTV SERVICE, it is completely hassle free, No Addons to be added or updated. This service will load everything automatically just by typing in the server address/portal url. contact me for free test/trial – via whatsapp or text messages at 1813-515-1564. All YOU NEED IS KODI/STB EMULATOR, MAG 250- MAG 254- 275 OR ANY ANDROID DEVICES.

    I'm offering a premium IPTV television service for you that is affordable and dependable. You'd be getting 1184+ Live HD Channels (CAN/US/UK/International). Get all your favorite News, Sports, Entertainment, Documentary, Kids and Music Channels.

    NO contracts, NO activation fees, NO personal information required, NO deposit, NO annoying phone calls, NO tax and NO fuss!

    You're literally getting what you pay for…. If you want to sign up for a month, You'll get a month of service. If you want to sign up for 6 months, you'll get 6 months of service. It is really that simple!

    Through any major cable/satellite conglomerate this package would cost you easily $300+ a month for the amount of amazing content that is packed into this incredible service.

    Never pay for another Pay Per View event again! All Live WWE, UFC and Boxing PPV's are also free through this service. That would normally cost $55-$65 per event but if you subscribe, all events are absolutely FREE!

  42. terrterr48 says

    Caz do you have any tutorials for the Mag 254 W1 box. Having a few issues with going online with it and you tube?

  43. Franco Rottier says

    which will be better to have the mag 254 or avov I already have a mag but will like to know if i should have another box or which one? suggestions?

  44. Oscar Fernandez says

    does this include NFL package?

  45. Thomas Higgins says

    In fact it's £35 per year… or wholesale price is £20 per year…

    Anyone that pays $65 is getting ripped off

  46. J M says

    Caz i can provide Stalker Private Server for 60.00 a year to your followers support@premiumiptv.tv

  47. Cape Verdean says

    Is the website down??

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