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  1. Roberto Bobby Anglero says

    Great video thank you. I have the service and its the best.

  2. MACE says

    keep up the good work

  3. Mr.Mojorising says

    Good morning Jason I am a new subscriber to your channel and I have this service and it's one of the best that I've seen the only thing is I have 2 android boxes that I'm currently using with this service and a mag box which I'm not using right now since I had it on old subscription of iptv rocket. I noticed that you guys are using the Mac 254 and just wondering what URL and port you guys are using that way I can set up the mag with my last code. Thank you

  4. Datchuo Allen says

    what box are u using?

  5. Eugene Ray says

    Hey Jason, I have two questions. 1. Does the box from your company accept Bluetooth remotes? I would like to be able to keep the box in my component cabinet, out of sight. 2. I have not seen any explanation of how the catch up feature works. Is this like traditional DAVE where I can set shows to record in the future? If yes, how many hours will it hold? Thank you

  6. Frank Silva says

    SET TV is pure piracy period,they have Channels that have copyright
    protected content,like Champions league,English Premiere league and so
    forth,the only legal TV streaming providers here in USA are
    Fubotv,Slingtv,Directtv to name a few,for example i have Fubotv and i
    don't have Sportv from Portugal but i only can watch the Portuguese
    league games nothing-else ,the channels is closed between the league
    games,last year Fubotv had Sportv Americas that only had Portuguese
    Sports nothing else,this year they changed and Fubotv Portuguese
    Sportv1 only opens at game time,this is what we call legal tv Streaming
    Provider,if you have any provider streaming Spotv1 sportv
    2,Sportv3,sportv4 from portugal thats illegal any where in the world.

  7. Tronda Flowers says

    I signed up for a free trial about 7 hours ago can someone please help me!! thanks

  8. bandit ofthesky says

    This is by far the best out there, second to none!
    I highly recommend this hands down over anything!
    Great job on a great App.
    SetTv Rocks!!!

  9. Doug Canoodde says

    Im wondering is Setv legal ? and if SO can you watch it WITHOUT A VPN ?

  10. keri toodle says

    TV picture looks GREAT! Which device did U use for video?

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