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IPTV Provider Port Jeff Station NY Lonnytv Call 631-863-9090

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Visit us at www.lonnytv.com or call us 631-863-9090 for more info
Just what is IPTV– ( Could be known as, or connected with Internet-protocol Television, Telco TELEVISION, TelcoTV, Video over IP, Internet TELEVISION, IP-broadband, IPTV over DSL, IP VOD, IP VOD Stations, Broadband-based TELEVISION, Terrestrial-based Internet-over-TV solution, TV-over-ADSL, TV-based Internet, Broadband-based TELEVISION, ITV-over-DSL, Broadband ITV, ADSL-based VOD, IP-based Video, IP-based VOD system, Interactive Broadband Television, Internet TELEVISION, Terrestrial-based Internet-over-TV, Internet-based TELEVISION Solutions, TELEVISION over DSL Networks, Web-enabled Broadcasting.) (Interactive IPTV, IP-based Interactive TELEVISION Applications.) Keep in mind – IPTV can offer excellent Interactive Television but the term “IPTV” is not synonymous with Interactive TELEVISION. IPTV has additionally been referred to as Internet TV and Telco TV. but a distinction between “IPTV” and “Internet Television” is that unlike the Internet, IPTV is Internet Protocol content (in the form of packets) provided by network operators (and others) over closed networks. (The Internet is a gigantic open network.) Very important to the IPTV closed network is the “Final Mile” to the consumer’s premises.

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