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SetTV Link
$20 Off – Type “JustBox” at checkout (orders of $100 or more)
Here is an IPTV solution that keeps getting better. Not only can you run it on your PC, Android boxes, Tablets, but now it has it own SetTop box…. and it is good. It just works.

  1. Fid LaF says

    Keep in mind the FBI says criminal copyright infringement, including infringement without monetary gain, is punishable by up to five years in federal prison and a fine of $250,000.

  2. Genius Idiot says

    Code not working

  3. G R Bell says

    Peter. With my cable TV provider I can record one program while watching another when they are on at the same time. how would I do this on IPTV live TV?

  4. LakeDaisy says

    Subscribed to SET a couple weeks ago. Didn't go well. Channels would stop, then jerk back to catch up. I purchased the set top box. Spoke with reps around 10 times. They couldn't get the box to work. After asking repeatedly to speak with tech support I finally got a call. He said would either call back that day with a fix or call me back an provide shipping info on a new box. Neither happened. Spoke with customer service over the next several days trying again to get in touch with tech support. Finally gave up and asked for a refund. I had to pay $7.80 to return their defective box before they would issue a refund as they don't pay return shipping even when it's to return their defective product. Okay. I paid for shipping and got a refund less shipping. Wasn't a good experience.

  5. Tom Clarke says

    tried "JustBox" and it wouldn't give me the discount

  6. Daniel Karpathios says

    Hi Peter,

    Would this work in Australia?

    I've used IPTV paid subscriptions in the past and some were great but others had horrible lag. Would this cover PPV too?

  7. ryan james says

    how come no one ever tells you how to actuay order iptv.?

  8. Daniel Karpathios says

    Do you have to buy their box or can you just download the APK on any of your own android boxers running 5.0 and higher?

  9. Ignacio Barbee says

    Peter i have another question about sports on the firestick it looks like it can't handle the speed an that's when it looks grainy. Is that the stream? My firestick? If it's the firestick what device would you recommend? Of all devices going to give me the same output?

  10. Ali Reza Nikkhah says

    i need to buy new box but i dont know wich one, i dont care for kodi or gameing, i watch 3 live tv app from my cuntry, i need some box good wit wifi , and run for long time , money is not isuue

  11. Tom Clarke says

    easy to set up with the box.. Nice..

  12. steven Armstrong says

    Hi Peter love your tips just a quick question,
    if I buy the set too box and then I don't pay for a months subscription will I be able to get all the free to air channels?

  13. Guy G says

    Thanks for the video Peter. I like the service on the firestick. I tried to order the box with the "JUSTBOX" code and it looks like its no longer valid for the $20 off $100. I did find that "BESTTV" works for 10% off. If they bring back the "JUSTBOX" code, I'll likely order 2 more boxes.

  14. Roto Vicious says

    hell no I won't pay

  15. JP21 says

    hi all. I'm running set tv apk on minix. most of the channels don't work. I called them and they tried for 30 min and no luck. they told me to call tech support and tech support told me to try the chat function on the website no one answered for 15 minutes and then they cut me off without fixing the problem. any suggestions?

  16. Tony Haboush says

    I told everybody gears TV sucked it's fake stolen IPTV and these idiots think they're hardcore by one of their mouth ripping people off they can go screw monkeys and is for all I care

  17. Knoxxgrim says


  18. TomGreek1980 says

    I have the free 3 day trial. So far some channels dont come on and some have no audio.

  19. Honeyrosemist JoyB says

    how does it update can you download anything on it

  20. Norman Haskins says

    hey great job can you show us how the catch up section works thankyou

  21. Tom Clarke says

    This was a rip off. Doesn't work after 2 months and customer support is a Joke.. Sorry you recommended this..

  22. Noles Unconquered says

    Peter are these guys out of the usa?

  23. Lemon Juice says

    hi Peter I just wondering, why do you have different name on your device instead of Set tv logo ?

  24. swmovan says

    Set TV on my Android box works well, except the UK channels. (I don't know about the sports) Everyone UK channel I've tried freezes & buffers. Is that normal for those not in UK? My internet speed is 75mbs down. I've told them in chat, & they say they will check into it. But, it is no better 24+ hrs later.
    Some of the channels may show "No Video", but if you click them again, most of them will work.

  25. Bob P says

    Great concept but user interface needs much work. I bought stb a few months ago and most of the remote buttons are useless. For example, when scrolling through the VOD TV section is the worst part. The APK for Android TV has a better UI.

  26. Stephen Lecocq says

    Many channels buffer all the time and quite a few don't work at all.

  27. Rickey Brown says

    I've been using set for around 4 months and love it. For $20 a month for the ability to work on 3 devices simultaneously, it can't be beat. Especially if your a sports fan like myself. Every NFL and NBA game without paying hundred for the Sunday ticket or nba league pass. Plus their on demand is great

  28. Jake Smith says

    Do you need to have a VPN to use this service ?

  29. Luis Torres says

    Nitro iptv hands down the best

  30. Jade Mira says

    I really enjoyed Set TV but because I couldn't use my VPN, I didn't renew my subscription. Allow subscribers to use their VPN please!!!

  31. SALPU says

    Question this set tv box, have Closed Captions? ( Subtitle )

  32. Brian Atkinson says

    Does the settv box have usb port so I can use my mini keyboard and mouse pad

  33. Ian Pearson says

    looks good but how much data will you use in a month!

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