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IPGUYS IPTV Channel List 2017

33 91

1100+ Channels English US, Canadian, Sports, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, South Asian, Movies
Channel List
SPANISH – 3:35
ARABIC – 4:40
SPORTS – 6:36
ITALIAN – 7:36
FRENCH – 8:00
GREEK – 9:36
TURKISH – 9:56
POLISH – 12:55

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  1. John Traynor says

    what a great set up works briliant

  2. Nazeer Albalushi says

    nice video bro

  3. G Clark says

    Thanks Fred, I purchased a month of IPTV Express because of your previous video on them.

    I really appreciate the time you take to go through the channel lineups of the various providers.

    Nothing compares to this channel on YouTube for an unbiased view of the various IPTV services available.

    My wife saw me watching your video and said, "You watching Honest Fred again?"

    Keep doing the great work you do, Fred!

  4. Imran Vak says

    thanks for makeing all the videos about iptv. i appreciate your work.

  5. Ufuoma Fiki Josh Ogodo says

    Your review has really showed me the differences in all of the IPTV services out there and other of your videos as well. Your review are tight and this has made it so easy for me to decide on which to go for. You are truly star…Thank you so much Fried.

  6. Lawrence Pate says

    Thank you for these Videos Reviews, They give me a look at different IPTV services that I wouldn't normally see.

  7. EverythingBlaxx says

    I was all set to create a YouTube channel to help my customers (and prospective customers) understand what IPTV is and the differences between different STBs and providers…then I came across your channel where you're doing everything I hoped to do and more. Now I just send them this way. Thanks Fred

  8. 08tonyfelix30 says

    very nice….

  9. Soul brother says

    How do you get English only channel an not the Canada ones

  10. TEAM SUPREME says

    Awesome video keep up the good work

  11. Nazeer Albalushi says

    my friend which website this iptv server

  12. Drizo Waters says

    Nice video how much would that cost and thanks for your efforts as well

  13. Honest Fred's says

    For links to the servers I pos6 please check out my Facebook page. I'll be updating with new stuff shortly

  14. kyle oven says

    spongebob lol

  15. H Ali says

    i want the english n sports. can we talk?

  16. Mike Galvez says

    I went to this site iptvsubscription.net it says their that they have Filipino channel but once I purchased it its not even there..

  17. Mike Are says

    hello honest fred! thanks for the great videos! question. who is the provider in this video. if you mentioned it in the video I couldnt hear, my tablet speaker is shot. also, is it normal for z provider to lock his customers out if their system settings? mine gas, and I'm not very happy about it.

  18. Enri Quebec says

    someone knows how to get ipguys m3u list..i already have their service but thru cod123..any assistance appreciated

  19. raven Joyner says

    Do they have ppv?

  20. raven Joyner says

    if you pay monthly or yearly did you get the same channels?

  21. Mark Davies says

    hi Honest Fred thanks for the videos the last IPTV u show on ur channel which boom boom I bought a day trail and they sent me user name and password but password don't work. I have raised a ticket on the website for the past 2 days now no has got back to me yet

  22. inspire Spike says

    How you show But you have no link to these people how to Subscribe ? Is it real

  23. Joe G says

    Hi Fred it's good stuff I just recently ordered 3 months from you .yes I'm happy the lineup was a little different but all in all its attachments good script the 24 hour had pov line up .but like I said I'm happy with it ,Ido have other IPTV so I do know the difference.i wanted ask you if you have a STB emulator pro or which ever having problems with mine.if you can I would be grateful thanks joe for the good IPTV

  24. Anthony Fernandes says

    Hi Fred
    Your iptv seems to be very smooth channel transitions. Hopefully there is no freezing
    Do you do subscriptions for the iptv. If so which packages do you provide. Also what is monthly subscription cost

  25. Josh E says

    hi, what app or hardware are you using for this?

  26. alex ochoa says

    Does this get ppv and. Nfl Sunday ticket ?

  27. Honest Fred's says

    Link to my New Facebook Group Honest Fred Fosu and Friends. https://www.facebook.com/groups/honestfredfosu/ Check it out I give tons of info, answer questions and give prizes weekly

  28. gdiggedy9 says

    Any issues with IPGuys lately? For the last couple of months the quality has dropped down considerably Getting all kinds of freezing and blackouts. At this moment the servers for their catch up service is down. It used to run so flawless a few months back.

  29. RebornThroughHate says

    No NHL Network and no NHL Center Ice package?

  30. gdiggedy9 says

    Just noticed yesterday that IPGuys removed time shift from their english channels. Hopefully its not permanent.

  31. Ahmato Huriye says

    Nice one

  32. Tony b says

    I like the channel lineup

  33. Robert Doucette says

    Great iptv atleast it has many hrs of guide ahead

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