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how to Setup PVR IPTV Simple Client, 700+ Adult Live TV and VOD, kodi 3 Sep 2017

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how to Setup PVR IPTV Simple Client, 700+ Adult Live TV and VOD, kodi 3 Sep 2017
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  1. mehmet emin avcı says

    It lasts long?

  2. Michael Agner says

    Utterly worthless. I did all these steps and get absolutely nothing

  3. John Don says

    It says i need a tuner and an add on for the backened able to ise pvr

  4. Uday Qays says

    It worked perfect, but I'm looking for international channels and I'm wondering if you can help me with that

  5. MrLouisBoo says

    I have a "NoLimits" build on my Android TV box.  How do I get back to the "TV Menu" to show the channels?

  6. Beaver Eater says

    Installed this on a H96 PRO+, have very good high speed internet, I will save you all some time. Some of these channels do work, but when they do, the buffering is really bad. You can find better. The VOD does work well.

  7. zakaria daoud says

    Good ?you are genius

  8. Johnny Blade says

    Do you have URL for HK Live Channels? Thank you

  9. Elaine Ferguson says

    Best video ever its works like a charm

  10. Marc E says

    You would not believe how many 'repos' I downloaded only to discover they didn't work. Your information and walkthrough has worked 100%

    Thank you

  11. Christopher Brandao says

    You make it almost impossible to get to your facebook link. Make it easier to get to.

  12. Alex Becerra says

    Can you do this on a streamsmart pro

  13. Murugesan D Murugesan D says


  14. T-Soln says

    Always catch latest and best Build upload here: https://goo.gl/w3TH35
    Private Internet Access VPN (52% off)
    IPVanish VPN (20% off Coupon Code: SAVE20NOW)

  15. bh bromley says

    I have gone thru all the sections to add the channels but now I can not play them for some reason, all it says is move channel. I do not know why?

  16. Iron Horse says

    I have titanium build. Loaded everything as described in video. Seen channels load, but cannot find them. Any help?

  17. MRafique Ch says

    Pls tel me how to confg. Kodi thanks

  18. Nikhin P says

    its added ok but all channels has only 3 min videos cant we have full videos pls rply

  19. Nisar Wani says

    Very nice ???

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