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How to Reset/Change your Mac with IPTV Stalker for Kodi

22 17

Here is a quick way to change/reset your mac depending on what services you got it from.

For IPTV66:
Stalker NFPS:

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  1. Marvin Carvin says

    Good video. You are to be commended for your continued support for your Stalker customers, especially during this time of change.

  2. Psylent Savior says

    I believe something is wrong with the iptv66 site right now. Cant change mac

  3. Bryan Miller says

    what do you use for user name and password for change Mac. Nothing seems to work. and forgot password doesn't seem to send any email back.

  4. Rob A says

    Thank you for all you do and your time. Keep it up brother

  5. cripple says

    tried 3 different browsers & still can`t get this video to play.All other videos on here play ok

  6. Peter Santiago says

    when u go to iptv66 and change mac it askes you to log in how do we log in ……..what is our user name and password…..

  7. Peter Santiago says

    so just to update you i cant change my mac from 79 to 78 cause i dont have a user name or password to log into iptv66 i reset it and im still getting …..(UNABLE TO LOAD CHANNELS)

  8. Peter Santiago says


  9. frankisback774 says

    how to reset your mac boo tech timeruuu what a nerd.

  10. Mark Leonard says

    Don't want to change MAC, but "reset IPTV" option does not seem to work. Clicking on it seems to keep looping me back to the beginning of the process…

  11. Taharqa Saaba says

    Am I the only one getting unable to load guide??

  12. thomas giovia says

    is it 1 mac per order #? cause I have a few routes w/ same order # & I can only change 1 which links to all my routes. Thanks

  13. bdevro100 says

    so does this mean that the Mac I bought from you guys worthlees, or can I still use it to reset my info? I just bought it a couple weeks ago and only used it couple times.

  14. Miguel Dorma says

    i have a donation number but i dont see order number?

  15. Lee Rodriguez says

    No stalker works consistently there all a waste of time.Don't even bother just to much of a pain in the ass.

  16. Ethan Storey says

    I had followed the video yesterday to get stalker back up and running but now it is down again is there a way to fix this

  17. Power Friend says

    Do you know where we can update the clients to 1.0.3? I tried from epg ninja the nfps and they both show only version 0.8.4

  18. Maureen Fink says


  19. Omar Cortez says

    i dont get those two boxes on the bottom to change mac or reset

  20. Abraham Haro says

    why i dont have the reset option?

  21. Atif Zia says

    Hi nice video quick question What's happened to spinztv build? Not working gone back to original kodi blue background any news?

  22. delineator says

    Hi TT
    Trying to reset my MAC address for IPTV stalker via nfps
    It doesn't recognise the donation info you emailed to me

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