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How to install Unopen MOI PRO Free Linux IPTV Streaming Server with Open software

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MOI Pro is a Linux based IP streamer powered by Freescale, with 8x DVB tuners integrated. It can stream over 80-100 channels.It’s one of the best IPTV server.

  1. volarecantare says

    Can I change Language on Web interface?

  2. Info Myenail says

    How to distribute IPTV link from Moi Pro ?

  3. dar says

    I have 400 channels I have to create IPTV to show 400 channels on the internet

  4. EZ TV Media Group says

    hi, just bought moi pro amd with 4 TBS6704 ATSC/ Clear QAM Quad Tuner PCIe Card
    it's like the moi pro amd does see them so i cannot scan to get OTA channels.
    Please need help

  5. Canais detvs says

    Hello friend, I need spending little to transmit over the Internet via satellite channels?

  6. Murjani Mj says

    can share with LAN?

  7. Morees Toma says

    Hello, if i attach one tuner, how many channels can it stream? does it only stream one stream per tuner or does stream multiple streams?


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