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How to install kodi addon LOGAN IPTV kodi from repo, for a krypton versions, 17 to 17.5. If you ever asked the question how to install FREE PAY IPTV kodi repo on kodi this is the answer but its called Logan IPTV. The best free live TV ddon kodi/android/ios. FOR KODI KRYPTON 17-17.5. ANDROID, iOS PC 2017


Best quality but often stops working over the weekend.

Works seven days a week but not as high quality.

  1. Rod Cable says

    I tried it again today and still getting same error message as Soheil is stating

  2. kevin shaw says


  3. Leo Perk says

    I think you left out a step for upgrading the f4m tester to version 2.8. You mention “naming it something but there is no place where we can enter a name! Please clarify!

  4. David Hatton says

    my logan tv update says v6-11-2017

  5. David Hatton says

    buffering bad

  6. Toney Brooks says

    Wow, that didn't last long. Repo installed but is down: "cannot connect to repo." Solutions???

  7. anthony king says

    Hi MITCH just wondering if you can help I used to have Dr stream addon in my build but it got deleted by miss take I have try to in stall it by the super repo but it's not working do you know where I can get it from ?

  8. Glen Bennett says

    I had it yesterday however its gone today tried downloading on NoLimits Kodi 17.5 "could not connect to repository"

  9. sergio RW says

    It was working yesterday but it's not working today

  10. Whoopi Cat says

    No workie Mitchie!

  11. Hector Rodriguez says

    I'm experiencing the same thing!!!!!!

  12. Nick Herrera says

    Usa not working, some uk are working. Can you help me get the USA channels working

  13. James Thomas says

    Thursday Logan worked well. Saturday morning it doesn't work at all. USA Server update now shows 06-11-2017 where Thursday the update showed 25-10-2017. Goodfellas remains the most consistent Free IPTV.

  14. Thomas Sanchez says

    I did the addon on Friday, I would get “ can not connect to repository” tried again today(10/28/17) and it still says the same thing, bummer!

  15. Paul d.c says

    i did it like you showed an it's not working for me

  16. sohail fartaj says

    repo down

  17. Linda Marie says

    I give up…not working 4 me…thx anyway

  18. flashpoint 5050 says

    now you see it now you don't lol ………………………….gone like the wind.

  19. Billy B says

    Repo down not working

  20. Charles Zimmerman says

    Yep, it's not loading from secrettv's repo, all others likely hold the error. Is there another source that does work?

  21. Quincy Smith says

    Repo down

  22. they do this shit all the time just to get views

  23. Mohammad Hussein says

    Another thumb down. Report not working. They like doing this shit to get viewers.

  24. Kevin Craven says

    it wont let me install the f4m tester???

  25. Loek Klein says

    If everyone dives in the repo sometimes they can't process it, it's free guys, this morning it worked for me..

  26. Ojibwas says

    Nothing works….. 🙁

  27. Kevin Craven says

    I added it to my No Limits Wizard and it wont load from the repository…any reason why or a fix? I am currently using KODI 17.5


    Works awesome is there any way to add Nickelodeon or boomaramg

  29. VYP3R says

    when i try to install from VIPSECRETREPO it says could not connect to repository, ANY IDEAS?

  30. Andrew Hayes says

    Mitch I Installed this and the script and worked ok for 24 hrs now buffers all the time, any thoughts????????????

  31. jim schmitz says

    Tried 10 USA channels and none even tried to work. Just like all the other free tv addons or apks. Never have I wasted more time trying to get something for nothing. I'm desperate my friends….please hit me up with paid services that you have and would HIGHLY RECOMMEND. For USA content specifically. Preferably an APK but would use kodi if I had to. Thank in advance.

  32. manuel castro says

    i download logan tv but it dont open and it saying can't find the repository?

  33. MITCH's PLACE says


    Best quality but often stops working over the weekend.

    Works seven days a week but not as high quality.

  34. Lar Scott says

    Nice video. You sound just like Billy Bob Thorton. He's a funny guy. Lol.

  35. Mapril Ganhao says

    hi Mitch some of your videos are informative but I have a hard time fixing some issues that you make them so easy for example try and run logan tv on portugal channels

  36. Rog Legsakimbo says

    Hi Mitch just loaded but don’t work at all ; what ver kodi are you using . And any particularly build are you using , thanks again for all you work it’s much appreciated Rog u.k ,

  37. alan dobb says

    I get to 2add from reository" click on vippsecret repo and I get "Cant connect to repository" any ideas please????

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