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how to install and set up stbemu Mag Box Emulator with your IPTV provider

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This will show you how to set up the STBEMU.apk app on your android box. I will be using Vader Streams for the video. If you have a fire stick or amazon fire tv box. you can download the stbemu.apk for it from my site, watch the video on how to install Kodi with downloader:

for the file path url in downloader put in:

This video will get you up and running to watch TV with you provider and an easy way to view your VOD.

If you don’t have a reliable and stable internet TV provider, subscribe here at :

Thanks for watching, any questions please ask, I try to answer all questions.

UPDATE: you must register your mac address that you use with your provider. If you have a Vaders account, log into your account and go to profile, there you can add your mac address to your account, and will work right away, no waiting.

  1. Dog Monster says

    Shenanigans – Everything is down even the members site itself!!!!!

  2. Josh Allen says

    Is it down at? Kicked me out of ufc

  3. frankisback774 says

    How you get the black and yellow theme.I only getting the blue theme.How did you change the theme.

  4. Call Of Booty says

    says your stb is blocked lol. i also use vader tv with my dreamlink so i know the mac address etc. wonder why it says im blocked lol

  5. Edmund Ntoko says

    I did exactly all but after i selected profile, it start loading up and stucks there, it doesnt get to the part where i can see channel list.. i have the mag 260

  6. Kristy Fryer says

    Hi Vader, I using Stream Team Android box. Running Kodi 16.1 (my preferred build) My question is, will this work with 16.1? I bought StbEmu Pro app & installed my S7 phone & kept getting error "STB blocked. Call provider." I don't know what I'm doing wrong. So I thought maybe using Kodi 16.1 would be better?

  7. Robin Stevens says

    I did extually the same as what u did but when i select the profile it turns on to this message "your stb is blocked. Call the provider "

  8. ip tv says

    you are using android not linux

  9. Gagan Maur says

    What Android box and remote/KB are you using?

  10. Tim Anderson says

    how can i register my mac for stbemu

  11. Wilson Cintron says

    Will i still be able to use 3 streams on vaders if i use stb emulator with the service?, Thanks for the great info!!?

  12. dabig 25 says

    Which Guide do think is the best with Vader Streams?

  13. dabig 25 says

    How do I find my MAC address? Website doesn't allow you to log in?

  14. john dunne says

    Can I use different mac address for different profiles

  15. Scientiae Magicae says

    no wonder he helps you idiots he charges a ridiculous amount…

  16. Tania Vargas says

    I did everything but at the end it gave me a massage to configurate to read more info…

  17. jose soi says

    Le mando un link rubatto da un server Sky e 200% stabile fai il download tramide il link http://ecut.it/vABXb6WQ

  18. Frank Silva says

    Vader guy do you have PT Portugal?,where can i see the channel list,?if you have PT Portugal can i have a couple hours free trial?

  19. Terron Bradford says

    Quick question! When I first install stmb pro is that my Mac address before u change it because I have a mi box and I cannot find my Mac address

  20. Karen A says

    I wished you went a bit slower, and just skipped what we don't need when you go back & forth you start getting confusing remember not all of are techy & depend on these videos & all I got was a screen telling me it's blocked??? please make a new video & explain more on the settings Thanks

  21. Peter Smith says

    Hi I’m getting an error your stb is blocked

  22. Kenny Fiolek says

    Hi Vader Guy. Looking for an IPTV provider that carries both WE TV and ION TV channels. Have found several that carry one or the other but not both. Need both to keep the wife happy before cutting the cord. Can you help? Thank you.

  23. Rick S says

    Which TV box are you using? It seems quite fast.

  24. Rick S says

    I installed stb emu on my fire stick but I can't seem to favorite any channels using my fire stick remote. Any thoughts on that?

  25. probking says

    So the Vader account , allows 3 devices?

  26. can vika says

    Can I use my smart iptv mac addres on my new fire tv.my tv is not working

  27. Joshua Jerez says

    I been doing some research and correct me if im wrong. But streams all depend on Internet speed and also where you are connecting too. I have the MX Q Pro and this looks like the same PLATFORM. My friend has the NVIDIA shield . Price is why i choose the Mxq 4k… I live in an innercity and i plan to sell harware but not all an afford the NVIDiA shield….. Could u explains the Pro's and COn's from a Shield vs Mxq pro or one better than mxq pro. ?

  28. Art Brantley III says

    did what your tutorial stated I got an YOUR STB is blocked call the provider is it my ISP???

  29. Jay Carson says

    is there anyway to install vader stream on mag 256?

  30. -RēaListiK- says

    How do you select Favorites or the sort and view and move sections on a Nvidia Shield? I can't add favorites or seem to bring uo the munu to sort channels. Any idea?

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