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Tutorial – How to configure the android stb emulator to work with iptv stalker. Watch all satellite live television channels including HBO, Cinemax, Showtime, TLC, Bravo, Encore, NBA, NFL, MLB and many more.

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  1. Nora Bauman says

    I also get contact your provider to register the device. Now I did buy subscription from http://www.tvluux.com and it is amazing. I recommend them

  2. JUST4TIME says

    Am I able to watch la liga Spain ? With this

  3. libertapennacchini says

    Solo Man, next time do these video demos on a android box not on a computer follow your video to a t it did not work keep up the good work

  4. Captain687 says

    a friend of mines has a tvbox with this stb emulator but when he turns on the tvbox the emulator app comes up automaticly. It just goes straight into this screen > 8:45 <, it does not even show the homescreen/mainscreen. Do you know how to do this?

  5. Yasser Pino Alvarez says

    hello, I try to download the app stbemu and I can not, There is a message saying that mi devise is not compatible with this app and I am using an MXQ pro please help me out to fix this

  6. Geo Ciri says

    Hello, When I reset my MAC in papiao.tv there is a messege saying the MAC address have to start with 00:1A:79 and then the oder six conbinations can be whatever you have in your Box but It means that I have to change the MAC address of my box with that format. I do not know how to do that. I am feeling so lost. Can you help me out with it please.

  7. Lizette Cordero says

    Good video tutorial

  8. Himansu Patel says

    how to find iptv portal url?

  9. MKVALI says

    can you make an android tv box start up the emulator when you push on start button on the remote or do always have to start the app from the android box interface ?

  10. Afzhal Ahmed says

    I do everything same as you do but the end when I want to watch the channel it's show HOST NOT FOUND what I have to do now?

  11. Bryan Whitworth says

    Owdo owre kid,
    Would ya?
    Still use this?

    If so?
    Well that's up to you then,

  12. Wanny Silver says

    Bro can you do me a huge favor with MAC address I sub and share your mostly your videos but this come late man help me okay

  13. watson samuel says

    hey there was a addon you said to put on the android box to be safe when you watching movies what was that again

  14. Marcos Galletti says

    I'm using this very well but, if you go right on the guide, you see an option to record. Is this doable?

  15. Justin Sane says

    Your link doesn't work. Take down or update your video, it's useless and cluttering up the internet when people look for real answers.

  16. DJ MUTTY says

    how can i add it to kodi

  17. Jon Jones says

    Stb emulator asking for authentication code. It has been set up for a while and now it is asking for it?

  18. Jose Donato says

    stb on samsung tv how to install

  19. James Mullins says

    Hi just wondering how can i load an iptv subscription into the emulator, can it be done in m3u format or do i have to get it in a different format.

  20. Csrl Bedey says

    Hi sole man do u have any idea why can't see a screen on one of my iptv the guide and everything is on there put no screen tar

  21. jonezmusicgroup says

    So… There's this guy running around my city selling Puersit android boxes with this on it for $125.
    He's apparently getting over on people b/c he got me.
    He has the nerve to charge $20/month for the service as if he's doimg something to keep it running.
    Could someone please tell me what I have to do to get this thing working without him? On the acct info, it has my name, phone#, Mac # and an end date of service…. Is this standard???

  22. Sharon Bailey says

    My mag 200 says stb is blocked wot do I do

  23. Luck TheGod says


  24. john dunne says

    Can I use different mac address for different profiles

  25. garis09 says

    hello can i also load a local m3u file ?

  26. Katrina Ryston says

    It says "Host not found"

  27. obed Odei says

    Hi Solo Man, pls can you help me to install my Stbemu on my android tv box and also how to get the portal URL and the MAC address. Pls if you want to reply me you can send it through my email address, cobidei@yahoo.com. Thanks

  28. Djanoo mano says

    how to add my own epg not this from my provider?

  29. Hema elmasy says

    I have an a subscribe iptv
    and I want to use this iptv on smart stb on LG smart screen.
    is it possible or no
    please answer me very important.

  30. Hema elmasy says

    I have an a subscribe iptv
    and I want to use this iptv on smart stb on LG smart screen.
    is it possible or no
    please answer me very important.

  31. Elango D' Souza says

    How to configure MAG 410 UHD set-top box for Android

  32. Gilbert Kedia says

    Hi Soloman, do you know what I can do when my STB emulator keeps freezing on Firestick? Happens always when I try to press the back button to go back to the channel groups.

  33. Joaquim Martins says

    Can we have Portuguese chanels

  34. Lucilia Leonardo says

    How can I get the url and MAC address for the stbemu that I putchased????

  35. luis castillo says

    how I can get a working mac address ?

  36. alex dobson says

    Hey solo man How do i change the time zone on stbEmu ??? So the programs that are coming on are say the correct time?

  37. lloyd t says

    I deleted my Mac address completely and it still worked lol

  38. mohcinehero says

    works lie a charm… many thanks dude

  39. hasan cicek says
  40. Nathan Payne says

    Hey SoloMan, have you ever seen "Your STB is blocked. Call the provider". I am setting up the information that was provided. And I get that message.

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