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How to ADD IPTV (SetTV) to KODI

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You can integrate any APK into KODI using this simple method. Here I use the popular IPTV solution, SetTV, to demonstrate. It is much more accessible so now I use it more than ever.

Link to Setup 3-Day Free Trial of Set TV


Old SetTv video
TeamZT Build

  1. Randy Harris says

    Thanks P…… It makes everything convenient

  2. sudds50 says

    This is the best vid I've seen from you. Well done indeed sir!

  3. Danny Thomas says

    I just got an email for set TV and they are using this video to promote their service. Lol

  4. Andrew German says

    Thanks for the video. I don't really have any use to launch the app within kodi, but that was interesting tut nonetheless. I was hoping this was a video on how to integrate SetTv into the livetv section of Kodi, and actually use the Kodi TV tuner as a substitute for the SetTv app. Like, is there a way to extract the server name and EPG from the SetTv app? In comparison to other iptv services, the "Guide" is really bad – you can't select channels by typing in a number, have to scroll one channel at a time because page up/down do not work, no way to easily switch back and forth between channels (unless they are sequential), etc. Plus there's the shutdown timer that comes on incessantly and no way to disable it. I would really love to get out of using the SetTv app but still access the channels via another media player like Kodi or Perfect Player. Can you can make a video like that? 🙂

  5. lindsay vu says

    My head spun. My eyes popped out. Pete please slow down and show us better ways to SetTV settings.

  6. Bob Lankford says

    PeterI enjoy your info on the many apps and installs but this one on Set TV was going around in circles
    and have no idea how to start on the way you showed. This is too mishmash to install it this way. There haas to be an easier way. Anyway thanks for the effort and I will be observing you other info

  7. BruteForceGaming says

    running the azulle 32GB box and no issues with Kodi, youtube etc but when I run the windows app for settv, it is noticeably laggy. getting 72Mb over wifi to the box and my old laptop ran it fine. any suggestions on how to cure the lag with settv? love your videos. thanks as always

  8. One Blessed Man says

    Hey Peter can you take the stick with you any where you go or do you have to be in the same network?

  9. Eric Bryant says

    hi dude you talk too much about nothing just say what is need to set up the set tv just for your information

  10. Jack Ecker says

    Their customer service is the worst I have ever seen. Check out their web site. You cant even post. They don't want people tell how bad they are. By the way, I order a box that didn't work, when I exchanged it they cut my service off and never refunded my money. Buyer beware.

  11. Julio Laverde says

    Hi Peter Thanks a lot for your excellent videos. Question: Can I use SetTV on my Raspberry PI Media Center?

  12. MrEde23 says

    Will Set Tv APK android work on a Rasbi Pi python through kodi ? Please help.

  13. Jonesy314 says

    What is the best box to get to run SetTv? I am torn between the fire tv 2 or the roku 4? Or do you have one you prefer?

  14. zeb jackson says

    Hello Peter …love your work and thank you for all you do. With that being said, there is a local sports channel named BCSN which is only offered thru the local cable provider (Buckeye Cable). They have an android app named "Watch BCSN" which is very similar to "Watch ESPN" but it's only available to cable subscribers which I'm not. My question to you is, is there a way to download this apk and stream it via firestick? Your direction and help is greatly appreciated

  15. MisterJohnson says

    So this is a no go on my ? iphone..?

  16. Jhon Wayne says

    Was great when it first started it’s nothing but buffering city now, on a business connection for internet and it buffers a lot. I may go back to cable

  17. Conroy Copeland says

    Team ZT explore menu submenu section 1 what is that? thank you for your post.

  18. Eddie N says

    I'm having a issue, every time I download seTV to my Firestick, it downloads and everything but when I go to open it it always gives me a error with a picture of a Orange dog, help! 🙁

  19. XAzzuroX says

    Im a fan of you Peter and of SET TV have you or anyone noticed there is no voice audio on some shows like Stranger things season 2 and new Shamless. Is anyone having the same problem or found a fix?

  20. Keith Shanks says

    I use Set TV regularly and really like it. I currently run Set on Fire TV, Firestick, and my LG G6. I Want to add it to my Kodi on the G6 and use Localcast (or similar) to watch it on my Chromecast. Is that possible and how would I do that?

  21. Willy p says

    Can you show us a simple way of installing setv on a Nvidia shield?

  22. Robert Martin says

    can you just use a smart tv ? is it just an app ?

  23. T0NY R says

    Can someone help setting up on Kodi

  24. Toni Ray says

    Peter maybe you can do this a lot SLOWER! I know I can stop and play but you really have a bunch of  STUFF we don't need. Thanks  for everything you do looking forward to  further vids! PS> What is the BOX you are referring too??

  25. Carl Adams says

    Hi Peter Thanks for all you are doing. Is there a setup to install Set TV on Apple TV 4k

  26. Larry Jay says

    For the naive among us, SetTV is not like netflix. What ever is coming down the stream is what you are able to watch. No commercial skip and there is no pause button. However, SetTV does work with very few instances of buffering with a huge selection of channels. I wish for a DVR for SetTv but I'm sure SetTV's agreement with their program providers copyright lawyers prevent that. Unless , some clever person like Peter comes up with a scheme. Love my Minix U9-H. Thanks for the recommendation.

  27. Barbara Williams says

    If using a VPN with KODI, does this not interfere with SET tv? They told me they use their own VPN.

  28. Sunny Daze says

    I dont get it how do i download and install on kodi can someone please explain

  29. Colin Kingsmore says

    Will this work on raspberry Pi 3?

  30. Steve R says

    This would be a great service if it had support for linux.

  31. K Adams says

    I tried the free trial and it worked pretty well. A few channels wouldn't work, but for the most part it was okay. The trial expired and they disabled my device. I tried to call (813 295 8442) and one other number to subscribe and both were disconnected. I went online and they responded on their chat line. But our conversation was sketchy. Never really got an answer about the phone lines. I would subscribe, but I will wait until they have working phones. I also received an e-mail from Set TV that headlined something about fake e-mail alert involving phishing. I deleted it without opening it so I don't actually know what it was about, but have learned the hard way about opening suspicious e-mails. Hopefully they are legitimate, but at this point I have concerns. Anyone having problems?

  32. Stew Smith says

    Very Cool and great instructional process!

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