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How to add a Live TV M3U playlist in Emby

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This video will guide you setup on m3u playlists on Emby

Emby (formerly Media Browser)is a media server designed to organize, play, and stream audio and video to a variety of devices.[Emby is open-source, and uses a client-server model.
Two comparable media servers are Plex and Windows Media Center.
Emby Server and clients have been developed for Windows, Linux, OS X, FreeBSD. Mobile clients have been developed for Android, iOS, and Windows Phone.

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  1. Mark Burgess says

    good video what the best playlist for roku

  2. Rick S says

    It's nice to see some people have found m3u links that work, I can't.. Where can I find or even subscribe to make this work? so far this is a useless feature in emby..

  3. KMitech says

    do u know where to get an xmltv file for the guide to work in Emby?….thanks

  4. izri1 says

    I get a black picture with no sound. Even though it seems the channels are playing. Because when i right click in the browser i can choose ''pause'', ''play speed'' and other video playback options.

  5. Diego Guillermo Schmidt says

    Is there any way to group channels?

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