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  1. daryl Ingram says

    Awesome video

  2. Ricky Torres says

    tremendo trabajo……gracias amigo….

  3. Hackelodeon says

    Click Here to Subscribe >> https://goo.gl/YxPPob

  4. homerdasmoker says

    good video or you cud put the url in playlist loader in kodi

  5. MrBoysie69 says

    Hello īm using a build the "NOLIMITS BUILD" how do i access the channels?

  6. bobby roode215 says

    is own network on this and this work on jarvis also

  7. Guest Home says

    What speed will you recommend for streaming?

  8. shadow run says

    no network..atm

  9. Sally Grutz says

    Triple checked the url, but after hitting ok button, nothing downloads, any idea why, tx.

  10. Juke Box Joe says

    Great but wish there were more USA channels….A USA m3u list would be great

  11. Andrew Kerr says

    Thank you for the video. How would I add a guide for these channels? Is this called an EPG?

  12. Rick Frier says

    Thanks man it works great

  13. Fluxus Television says

    Thanks for sharing our service! ?

  14. Juke Box Joe says

    USA Channels have a mark saying they are off….Ugh!

  15. Vinicus Diniz says

    Really good in august 2017

  16. iAintShit says

    Horrible hack if you're in the US. 90% local news and public access stations for several states. Not worth the download at all! An updated version with all USA cable channels would be greatly appreciated

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