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How to sign up for free paid IPTV and then utilize LAZY IPTV to watch with….ANDROID…Also works for Windows and other platforms including firestick



If you plan on streaming content via any means I recommend using a VPN. A VPN will anonymize your online activity, protect you from spying ISPs, and allow you access to geo-blocked add-ons and content.

I personally use IPVanish VPN and highly recommend it.

Sign up here:


sign up here:





This is a 3rd party app and is in no way affiliated to my-self or
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  1. marwan shaddad says

    after i download playlist i tried to save it to lazy tv but the app says list is empty, i generate new list but the same result

  2. rooner1231 says

    I follow the instructions but playlist is empty. another waste of time

  3. fareed mahamdally says

    please we need more instruction ? thank you

  4. Alokin Alset says

    Your motherfucking music is so annoying. Your instructions are no use, all fucking freezing and damaging the Android Box……why don't you put a long speaker in your ASS and listen to the music from inside of your ASS all day long all night long, in the bed, out in the part in the school and on the job and when you are fucking your girl, she will get the resonance of heavy metal music that is resounding in your fucking ass.

  5. Alokin Alset says

    sorry one more tip: if you girl as how did you do a foking musical fuck, take that speaker out from your ASS and put it in her hole; will be a nice musical viberator and she will love your foking musick. Got it. give it a try…….fucking metal musick fooker.

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