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  1. papa54321 says

    Dont work anymore

  2. Mike Craft says

    Channel pear has been kicked from Roku

  3. Eric barancik says

    I miss that channel I watched all my sports ecspeisialy baseball on there still have it on my phone maybe they can come out with channel Apple.

  4. thaboomer53 says

    what a waste of time. Listenng to all this to find out you only get 5 free channels with the Pear tv app.

  5. pancho villa says

    Roku black Channel pear now

  6. Roger Mash says

    Channel Pear is crud!

  7. Joshua Sutake says

    Update: It no longer is available for Roku. It's down.

  8. Tanya Coleman says

    This channel is no longer available for Roku. They have shut it down!!!

  9. stream free says

    https://tny.ec/eYBPLY free tv really free

  10. Jayme Theis says

    can you talk a little faster and please just cut to the chase?!

  11. Amine-Toons- says
  12. Rachel Marie Perkins Nobles says

    No longer available!

  13. veganreader says

    This stuff is free on any other Roku without Pear.

  14. Jamie Gunn says

    Can you actually speak a sentence without saying "actually". Jesus fuck.

  15. Fayad Hassan says

    How do I watch football online?

  16. susan welch says

    My roku wont turn back on after this shit.

  17. Jose Pabon says

    All instructions worked out without problems except when I selected "My Playlist" to view my full library. My Playlist indicates "Recuperando" on my tv but nothing happens.

  18. Tracy Whitt says

    This link takes me to m3u playlist player, doesn’t take me to channel pair to add.

  19. Ed Rosado says

    No longer available due to copyrights infringement.

  20. Tracy Whitt says

    Channel pair is no longer available

  21. Sara Fisher says

    This took about 10 minutes to set up, but so far this has worked great for me with no buffering. Yes, you only get 5 free channels AT A TIME but you can switch them whenever you want on their website! Awesome app, thanks for the help.

  22. Cory T says

    Channel no longer available!!!!!

  23. Josea Jimenezp says

    Safix TV

  24. B Wood says

    Roku banned Channel Pear in October 2017. No longer to add to my roku. Not sure where this video is going. Incorrect content

  25. thaboomer53 says

    Thank you to the posters below for telling us in advance that they only give you a few free channels, and the rest is PAY. That way we don't waste anymore of out time listening to another sales pitch for a pay channel. This is a great way to piss off subscribers—adios.

  26. Lifestyles With Ajike Williams says

    I have a 4K Roku box not a Roku stick must I have a stick only to get Channel pear TV to get the channels on my Roku?

  27. Maria B. says

    Roku cut channel pear some time ago

  28. Paul Mattle says


  29. BCP '10 says

    Get yo gotdamn mouth off the mic

  30. Diamond Button says

    World Tv & Sports Online: sako-tv.blogspot.com

  31. Glenda Starling says

    I hacked my Roku and I love it. I get so many channels

  32. bmead144 says

    Don't get scammed by channelpear! It's a total joke and most of the channels don't work most of the time! And Roku no longer supports channelpear! Google it for yourself.

  33. Raymond Kennon says

    Your heading is a lie its not free tv then plus I have the roku tv not the little boxes

  34. Raymond Kennon says

    My Roku doesn't come up with channel pear

  35. Pheonia Allen says

    Not everything is free

  36. Pheonia Allen says

    I have to pay for my’s to jail Break just to make my life easy

  37. Nick Mayhew says

    Do they have Turner Classic Movies?

  38. nicholas fishel says

    I have a Roku tv do I need a fire stick?
    And can I pick the 5 free channels

  39. jose luis rodriguez says

    No longer available ( 30-01-2018)

  40. Josh Barton says

    It's not free if you have to subscribe. Your a liar

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