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UPDATE 12/04/16 : I have tested the App and it is fully functional. The free channels that I have added in the video are all working.

Do you Wanna Watch Free Cable TV on all of your Devices ?

If the answer is Yes….. Keep watching !!!!!!

Site : channelpear.com

Channel Pear Code :channelpear

How to add private Roku Channels :

Follow the steps below to add channel PEAR to your Roku device:

Login to your Roku.com account:

Click this link to add channel PEAR to your account: (you must be logged into your Roku.com account to use this link)

Click “Yes, Add Channel” when prompted to do so (as seen below)
On your Roku device, go to Settings –System Update –Check for update. This will install channel PEAR on your Roku device (if the channel isn’t installed right away, try again after a few minutes)

  1. johnny Bravo says

    You can't even purchase premium. So much for this poop.

  2. jason h says

    it'd be great if they channels stayed up or didnt buffer or skip. and the biggest con is almost everything is in another language other than english.

  3. Webmistrish Wyatt says

    doesnt let you sign up

  4. kinglou0317 says

    ok, so I did what you said and first it only shows 7 pages of tv channels and there are no premium cable channels. I even went into the search bar and the only one they had was HBO in Spanish. If I am doing something wrong please let me know.


  5. Penny Lover says

    "This site is perfec" Done. Gone.

  6. Jason Steele says

    have not tried it yet but you have a lovely speaking voice

  7. Cody Russell says

    90% of the streams right now on channelpear DO NOT WORK

  8. Jason Voorhees says

    god ur so confusing

  9. Jason Voorhees says

    doesnt work

  10. Shariah Renae says

    So how often do you add the five channels at a time ? Every month or what

  11. Sergei Chubenko says

    How do you add YouTube live channel to channel pear? Thanks

  12. China Doll says

    Thank you.

  13. Miranda Coffman says

    it is not free

  14. zoezoe says

    I just tried it I ain't pay shit for it n its working follow the instructions its easy

  15. Kevin Dagostino says

    Can you delete channels and add them back in?

  16. Kevin Dagostino says

    Add new channel if you delete one channel? Let's say you want the 24 hour classic cartoon channel but you already have five channels, could you delete one and add that one in, or you want to bring back the one you deleted?

  17. Luann Johnson says

    This channel sucks…………..don't waste your time……..NOTHING WORKS!!!!!!! I HAD SUCH HIGH HOPES

  18. Augusto Lugo says

    Thank Heavens I found you, so nice to know all the things and channels you can find.

  19. TE says

    you can add channel but you can't play the channel

  20. 59westfederal says

    Sexy voice !!! Thanks

  21. Jush 1 says

    Delete this old video waist of my time

  22. Renee Watson says

    all im getting for the free stuff is new channels Boring ,

  23. TomGreek1980 says

    I paid for the $24.99 and it works amazing. I have over 600 channels I believe.

  24. Tylerrocks says

    Is this a sponsored video?!?

  25. legotech7 says

    A lot of the channels don't work even with the premium packages. I have them all, and the streaming is terrible, all going thru roku… not impressed !…..

  26. Sometime they don't work. If I am paying everything better work. Nice try. But will remain using my free website.

  27. Alberto Rodriguez says

    Love this channel pear..I always change up the channels..it's free and it works..5 channels FREE..I'm not greedy..Ha Ha

  28. why do I care says

    am sorry but this is bullshit most of the channels are in Spanish or in Japanese if I where u I wouldn't listing to her most of her methods don't work and is illegal she can get introble for this

  29. Darren Woods says

    got gunporn.?

  30. ericjo golfing says

    is this chanel for us residents only ?

  31. JayzBeerz says

    thank you for the info and you have a very sexy voice

  32. Margie Petersman says

    Is płll

  33. Alexandra violetbabygirl says


  34. Tracy T says

    I need your help. Please reply because I need to get the Bounce channel through my Roku and Roku doesn't have the Bounce channel. I just added the Pear in which I already have cable tv but I need the Bounce channel. Let me know if your Roku allows for the Bounce channel please. Thank you. Also, HBO and Showtime won't work unless you're paying…I think.

  35. Johny TO says

    thanks i just did it ?

  36. Fatnsassy Sari says

    It's okay but certain networks will never show. A&E is one channel that will NEVER load.

  37. NINJA Turtle says

    Please just tell us the free website you use

  38. Anthony McGettigan says

    Do you if there is a monthly fee for HBO, Showtime, or cinnemax?

  39. Montague says

    what's perfic mean??

  40. Roku上中文电视可以看Damai频道哦,

  41. BiancaLoves says

    Thanks it works great you rock !!!!!!

  42. RADGYAL says

    As of 10/24/17 channel Pear has been removed from the roku. It is still available and functional on other devices and Kodi.

  43. Mukesh Garg says

    Get more help regarding Channel Pear, chat at http://ourrokuactivationcode.com

  44. Bzynurse says

    I've been a cord cutter since 2005,i use a great new streaming service called VIP TV designed for todays cord cutters,i get over a 1,000 live channels in HD plus thousands of video on demand options and much more all for $39 a month with out contracts or credit checks its pay as you go for more info go to http://www.orderviptv.com/joe7454 i hope this can help someone

  45. jason crysell says

    help i need advise on roku express

  46. msbutterfly714 says

    Im looking for HGTV for FREE, help

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