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Fix IPTV Live TV Hello In this video I will show you how to fix kicking of from channel after 30+ seconds Very easily you can do that and stop kicking from channels Well I was speaking about ways how to watch EX YU channels Go on your android device and install Kore remote for kodi If you dont know how to install and how to setup conection between Kore and Kodi, you have link down below video in description Enter data Now I will show you, first find some channel

You can play any channel Sorry but I am looking for some channel…now When we play some channel you will see On Kore remote you can see and slide left section Then you need to click two times on repetition button But first I will show you without, it will kick me out Click two times on repetition button (you will see number 1 inside) For me it took a little longer refresh, because my PC is slow..but for you it will be faster And that’s it, fixed I do not know why we dont have this option in Kodi…but

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