Kodi IPTV Service Providers
  1. Jose Donato says

    sent me code for iptv playlist player

  2. Mostafa Mahd says

    the code return no result in roku

  3. CN And. Nicktoons Fan 217017 says


  4. Gregory Boykin says

    One day you will give us something that woks.!!!!!!!!

  5. Wilfredo Lainez says

    $olo man can you use set tv with roku

  6. DillonFox says

    anybody got a link for a nickelodeon m3u?

  7. Ismael Agudelo says

    Como puedo bajar el perfect player o IPTV a mi equipo Roku

  8. joel rivera says

    Soloman, is any way to install STB EMU on Roku?

  9. jeff simmons says

    Thanks for the help solo man. I have a question though. How do get the long iptv list with all the numbers and letters and forward slashes on the iptv player on my roku TV? I tryed typing one in and continually says retrieving. Thank you sir.

  10. Mauro Fragnoli says

    Where I can find zip file of the app and install it throuh developer mode?

  11. WZ says

    Don’t get how none of this works. Been looking for a url to put in & every site I go to is nothing but spam. Has to be an easier way

  12. tshepiso mmoloke says

    It says the channel code is not valid, do you have another private channel for Roku

  13. Andreas says

    I do use iptv on my laptop/cell/tablet but im thinking to get a TV with Roku. The IPTV playlist player app is available through Roku?

  14. Mr Blue Playdoh says

    Video should be taken down as the app isn’t available on the roku box now! Click bait click bait

  15. Justin Lassen says

    I have playersklub iptv player wont play ts what do i change it to had working before cant remember how

  16. Nathan Kendall says

    Horrible instructional video

  17. Lio messi syria says

    there are other iptv player for roku tv ?

  18. atworkstation says

    I got the m3u playlist player on Roku, did I get the correct app?

  19. Frank Silva says

    Solo Man very good Player for Roku,i had my Roku 4 in the scrap but now i can use it again and it's pretty good,my only beef is some times there is an add that loads before the channel ,that's annoying,is there a way to get rid of the adds?Also it takes a long time to load the IPTv channel apps.thanks

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