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Extreme streams update premium IPTV service with free Trial – Live TV KODI addon November 2017

29 24

Update Extreme stream premium IPTV service with free Trial – KODI addon November 2017 update

Kodi Addon Extreme stream premium IPTV service
After trying out the Extreme Streams KODI addon
After a major update on the addon with Favourite and Reporting channels and with the new search facilities which search programs, the addon goes live to the public with a free trial and ability to extend the service furthermore with a subscription.

watch the video and if you need a further support leave a comment below, and the team will reply

or get in touch with the team

  1. ken hayes says

    will not let me set up a username

  2. Brian Edwards says

    Why do a video on this when not taking username

  3. Susan Patlak says

    I love extreme stream!!

  4. Nicholas Yiatrusis says

    omg you killed your twin lol

  5. jesseflemingill73 says

    Won't accept my username

  6. Everything Kodi says

    Nice video husham ❤

  7. Graham Easton says

    Not working for me either guys ??

  8. Kareya Memar says

    هلو هشام مبدع

  9. Ken Mcmaster says


  10. John Zajch says

    Does not work wont take user name

  11. Custom Host- says

    Not working

  12. sam com says

    Working now thank tou

  13. joanna lynn says

    does not work will not take username…

  14. joanna lynn says

    please update thanks..

  15. k6lsn says

    Sucks. This was a great addon, oh well

  16. long le ba says

    thanks you very much

  17. Kyle Sturman says

    what type of build are you using Husham Memar

  18. Martin Langan says

    worst iptv only a few channels work thanks but no thanks next

  19. STOLEN EARTH says

    Well Done…..Thanks

  20. Robert Amyan says

    Thanks.How long trial will last?

  21. leo paredes says

    The user name not working

  22. mikesaena81 says

    Username doesn’t work

  23. sergio RW says

    Not enough channels for 10 dollars a month

  24. James Smith says

    Whats happened to the pyramid addon

  25. Dave Smith says

    I signed up and tried this and all it did was lock up and buffer nothing like your video described so I will be staying with my current provider at this time

  26. sam com says

    I had the free trial for 3-5 days, then I checked their website for the full version which was $5. However when I talked to them to place an order, it went up to $10.

  27. Amer Amer says

    رجاء رجاء عربي .

  28. Yasmiell Rodriguez says

    Addon doesnt work. Poor or zero response.

  29. Matthew Hanes says

    sign up error keeps tell me to choose new username

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