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Using STB Emu you can add IPTV servers. This is an easy guide on how to setup Crown TV

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  1. Pickpocket72 says

    Ok I have a minix u9 andriod so download emulator an the seller gives you MAC address why can't they make a apk for all this do they have a step by step video after you purchase from crown

  2. Matthew Lew says

    hi fred. do you have a video like this one but for nitro iptv set up on this emulator? i dont have url for nitro, i just put in my details for login and it works. so if i was to follow the same principles as for this video, i don't have mac address or url address to fill in like you have done here. thanks for your help. I've subscribed to your channel now but can't see a set up for nitro. thanks

  3. tech world says

    i tried many things on the shield to make it run on stb emu .i kept getting incorrect url.the only thing i was nt doing that not deleting the serial number and i was sending my device id to the provider . i wanted to use it with private server .i cant even try now because i returned the shield . was i the only thing was i wasnt doing. can u pls confirm it .once u do i can go get the shield thanks

  4. J Singh says

    Which theme do you use for your Android box?

  5. MrFazyy says

    This is cheaper version than mag box right?

  6. Ryan Wehr says

    My EPG stopped working in the last few days. Is there something wrong with Crown TV or do I have something screwed up?

  7. Abillah1 says

    I followed the video and I get asked for username and password. Where do I get it from?

  8. MrGutsygibbon says

    For MAC address do I have to make one up like 00:1A:79:xx:xx:xx or can I use the default one that shows up in stbemu or should i just use the real mac address of my android box?

  9. jay dan says

    Hey how would i go about to renew my active subscription before it expires? do i have to set it all up again?

  10. GERALD SCOTT says

    I cant figure out how to have or make a favorite list can you help?

  11. wendell aikens says

    Who has the best iptv in your opinion for North American channels, please answer. I love the vids

  12. vasy rapa says

    Your stb îs blocked Call the provider help

  13. Honest Fred's says

    Link to my New Facebook Group Honest Fred Fosu and Friends. https://www.facebook.com/groups/honestfredfosu/ Check it out I give tons of info, answer questions and give prizes weekly

  14. sonia jermin says

    Can i put it on my fire stick

  15. Crypto Santa says

    will this work well out of the US? I imagine the servers are US based so i'd be concerned about buffering if watching in say, Europe.

  16. Gamaliel Rivera says

    Is this free?

  17. hghershey says

    which do you think is better in terms of channels, HD quality, and stability

  18. Macho Man says

    I have Setv but figured I would try this since Set freezes up sometimes. Just ordered a month and I just went through it now. 70 % of the English channels don't work…the sports channels mostly caters to UK. No Sportsnet…no TSN. Not even on the list. FSN1 and 2, ESPN didn't work. 24/7 channels didn't work….Adult channels 100% didn't work. Setv is waaaaaaay better than this. Not that Setv is the best because it's not…and I'm still looking….but Crown is not worth 15 Canadian. Don't waste your money. Keeping in mind…Honest Fred is great and his reviews are awesome. Maybe Crown has just gone downhill.

    Update…my apologies..in the Local category are channels for Canada, including TSN and Sportsnet channels…unfortunately most of these channels don't work.

  19. Fardeen says

    It ask me for username and password what do I do next???

  20. K Chery says

    I used it for a trial version of Crown TV. Maaan worked like a charm. No issues. Nice instructions man. God Bless and happy new year!!

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