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Create Your Own Live TV Streaming Service with Osprey + Wowza

5 29

In this webinar we’ll cover the technical step-by-step process to enable your own live TV streaming video service. This session is perfect for local, regional, and university TV stations looking for an affordable solution to encode and deliver live content to their own OTT and IPTV services. We’ll use the Osprey Talon hardware encoder and Wowza Streaming Engine™ software, plus the Wowza CDN to scale your stream to a global audience.

The Osprey Talon G1 is a hardware-based encoder for mission-critical encoding. It can accept video/audio from the embedded HDMI/SDI inputs, supporting closed captions and professional audio. It is designed to be easy to use and portable, and to stream both standard- and high-definition H.264 video over broadband and mobile networks to a streaming server like Wowza Streaming Engine. We will show how to connect the Osprey Talon to your own Wowza Streaming Engine server or the Wowza Streaming Cloud service, and then deliver the transcoded adaptive bitrate stream to the Wowza™ CDN for reliable global delivery.

  1. Wowza Media Systems says

    The latest version of the OTT device chart referenced in this presentation can be found at http://www.streamingmediadevices.com

  2. True Belizean says

    I used the jw player with the apple link from wows but only shows on safari. What do I need to do to make the video show on chrome and other browsers?

  3. wendell aikens says

    I want to get started please help

  4. Ken Mcmaster says


  5. eashoo says

    i want to build a app "bein sport" and i want to link thistv streaming to my app i cant do it

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