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It’s Wednesday so that means happy hump day to you guys now we’re gonna be taking a look at an IPTV add-on the IPTV add-on to be exact let’s get into it welcome back Tilly TV as I mentioned we’re gonna be taking a look at the IPTV add-on it’s by dream media and it’s got absolutely flawless streams it’s got video on demand and it’s got integration to a TV Guide as well so we’re gonna take a look at what the add-on looks like show you how to install it and get you following them on social media now before I jump into all that if you are new around here do consider subscribing and if you did like this video drop a thumbs up and get involved with a comment section down below but with all that out of the way let’s get into the video so as I mentioned we’re gonna be taking a look at the IPTV add-on it’s by dream media they’ve got a cracking cracking service they’ve got huge amount of channels it’s got video on demand it’s got a TV Guide it’s brilliant but I’m gonna talk to you a bit about that in a second first of all let’s show you exactly what it looks like so you have an account information side of things you log in and it’ll give you all the information about your account you can then go on to live TV and as you can see you have all channels live events live games which includes the 3 p.m.

Kickoff you’ve got UK TV us TV UK Sport us ball international sport movies documentaries news kids music radio and you’ve got international channels there for different games and stuff as well you’ve got 24/7 which is currently offline but it will come back online you’ve got Asian TV and then you’ve got a dirty 30 section week in the dirty thirty it’s my birthday on Friday I will be 30 and I cannot wait of course if you want to buy me a beer guys the donation link will be down below this isn’t a video begging for donations but a lot of you do send donations and ask for the link and stuff so it’s there anyway let’s scrap that if we go into all channels I’m gonna run through the list so you can see all the channels that’s included I’m gonna start from the top and work my way down yeah you’ve got the NBA NFL NHL honestly you’ve got the tickets it’s just rampant and you’ve got a thousand channels to choose from now I’m not gonna play the channels due to copyright claims but I am gonna go on them for a second just to show you the quality and how fast these launched so let’s start with BBC two done straight away HD beautiful sky 2 don’t load it flawless beautiful ITV 3 HD boom done 720 flawless and it’s like that all the way down guys so let’s pick another random one but we’ve got Dave HD in level UK channel look load straightaway 720 perfect now if we go back over to let’s have a look at UK sports obviously I’m in the UK bt sports 1 you get a lot of buffering look at that flawless 720 loaded perfect BT extra 2 works perfect offline but it doesn’t matter that’s the channel not the service let’s have a look at Sky f1 boom 1080 link beautiful honest this add-on is fluent I wish I could play them longer but I’m not going to due to copyright reasons but honestly the content on this add-on and with this service is absolutely cracking now that isn’t the main thing obviously you’ve got all these channels the main thing that I love about this add-on is the TV Guide so you click it and within the add-on you’ve got the eye view guide and it’s linked to all the channels you’ve got all the content and you’ve got the program information of what’s playing right now which is absolutely brilliant so that’s the SD if you go to channel 5 we go to switch it starts playing and look at the quality of that honestly it’s absolutely flawless you can skip through and have a look for the next sort of 24 hours or even more but it runs absolutely beautiful honestly it is so fluent now I don’t often review premium IPTV services but it is cracking it’s well worth it let’s try another one if we click on that wattage look how fast that is No it’s literally instant straightaway beautiful of course you can set up the TV Guide as you want it you’ve got all the kids stuff on that it’s all built in if we take a look at Nickelodeon it’s going to switch and as soon as I click it it’s loaded 720 absolutely flawless brilliant service they are on Facebook they are on Twitter I will put the links down below to this social pages if you do want to go over and sign up and also the website so the service is 40 quid for the entire year which is brilliant because you pay that a month with your service provider anyway and this comes with all worldwide channels not just sort of national it’s got worldwide channels it’s got a TV Guide it’s got video on demand as well so if you do want to sort of use it as a Plex service if you like then you’ve got Christmas content movies on demand you’ve got box sets if you go down honest it’s just absolutely brilliant good value for money cracking EPL you’ve got 4k Ultra that’s currently offline but it will come back on and you can also contact dream media if you do want to set up the dirty corner of the add-on so if we have a look at movies in 2017 you’ve got plenty of movies there to choose from and just to show you how fast they are as well if you have a look at John wick I click it it’s done 1080 link absolutely simple pimple now if you are interested in a trial I’m sure they will help you out but for 40 quid for the year you can’t go wrong that’s what it looks like I’m gonna show you how to install it and then I’m gonna put the links down below for you guys to get set up if you do want to subscribe to the service so to get this add-on of course we’re gonna go over to system and file manager and then we’re going to go down to the bottom and click Add source and in the box that comes up we’re going to put HTTP colon double slash tiny URL com forward slash dream media and I’ve named that dream media once you’re done that we’re gonna click on OK and then go back to the main menu and go on over to your system and add-on browser we’re gonna go down to install from zip file and down to dream media now I went on the primary install method there is – we’re gonna click that and then we’re gonna install the dream Media repo click there and that will then start to download the report to your kodi once you get the pop-up to say it’s done as you can see and we’re gonna go to install from repository down to dream media down to video add-ons and install the IPTV add-on nice and simple you can go into the configuration to set up your account details once you’ve got that from them and again if you do want to subscribe the links will be down below go and follow them on Twitter follow them on Facebook and check out the website cracking service thank you to dream media for sending me the trial for the review and I hope you guys like the service and the video and of course if you did drop that thumbs up button and share it around guys and if you are new around here consider subscribing to get up-to-date with all the latest Kodi and media streaming news as soon as it’s available anyway I’m off to drink of whiskey thanks very much for watching until the next time I’ll see you soon

  1. Bubbles 2017 says

    Wheres the party on Friday mate, want to have a midget delivered ?

  2. bobby roode215 says

    looks good see nba n nfl is sunday ticket on this

  3. Ron Doerfert says

    Another great video bro ??????????

  4. RICK says

    Simple pimple. Happy Birthday!

  5. Giovanni Kearney says

    How do we get username & password?

  6. Paul Hill says

    Thanks for the info.:):):)

  7. kelmarie smith says

    Thank You 🙂

  8. The House Of Yisrael Atlanta says

    Where is the link to sign up for the service?

  9. sudds50 says

    Hey Lee. This looks decent (always has)..I think this is one that I've seen ChrisB pushing. My problem with this one is that fact that the prices are for 1 device only. Vaders is still the best and they automatically give you access to 5 devices. Vaders also has brilliant support through various means. They also have a Matchcenter which gives you all the sports links (clickable) updated throughout the day. Nobody else has that. I would consider this (Dream Media)as a backup, especially if they can do a deal for multiple connections. Also is it just me or have Dream Media dropped their price somewhat? Anyways, if I wanted to consider this, it would be for at least 2 connections for 6 months to a year after a trial.

  10. Hugo Vieira says

    Is that treial veraion for iptv?

  11. Retro Slotter says

    There website is confusing as f..k. Looks like a great service at a great price but they need to make it easy for people to sub. Shame really as I was gonna try the trial and then sign up .

    Thanks for the video.

  12. Hey Guys, I'm looking for a IPTV service with multiple connections and a lot of us channels. If you know of any can you please leave a link for me below. Thanks

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  14. Michael Crippen says

    the facebook page is no good

  15. clyde best says

    Can it be put on a android box , also is it me , but the website does not fill me with confidence.

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    Excellent Lee. One question – Players Klub or The IPTV?

  18. Virginia Layman says

    u do know when u click on facebook site it says page can not be displayed

  19. col smith says

    Was gonna install it but when u said 40quad. Fuck ? that

  20. Jackie Melanson says

    It not showing the CAD or US cost

  21. Javier Pupo says

    Got it. Whst player do you use. I got kodi fresh brand new i have stock player but its slow buffering

  22. William Dunn says

    I have been trying to get a trial service for a couple of days now, can’t get in touch with nobody and the Facebook page is down. Would like to get a trial before I order service for a year. Great price if service is as good as your video says it is. Please help!!

  23. mainjohn newton says

    its very good untill saturdays 3pms were u need a vpn because of isp blocks works great for some not for others

  24. Gabriel Braga says

    Teste agora o melhor servidor privado de IPTV por 3 horas totalmente grátis.
    (43) 991616390

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