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Biggest working Free Kodi IPTV list 2016 over 4000 Channels from All over the world

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Watch over 4000 Channels from all over the globe with only 1 Magnificent add-on. A lot of sources sorted by countries, genres and more. Best of all, Sites are maintained by their owners and you don’t need to constantly update your own iptv m3u list.
Repository link :

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  1. Quantum Z says

    Did this but only about 10 channels show up in my UK LIVE TV

  2. David McCorcle says

    it's the latest. I run dabutcher 3.0build

  3. Charlie Flowers says

    I see no download link

  4. Charlie Flowers says

    Sorry I didn't watch your video
    I always just get your link

  5. David McCorcle says

    I got it… had to change my time zone setting…


    very nice video bro thanks, nice wall too

  7. Thomas Morey says

    First of all, great channel and good work. I have a question. Does this provide live Italian football? Particularly series A? (The season has already ended though, I just want to know for next season) I have tried for over 6 months but I can't find a way. If this doesn't work, it would be AWESOME if you could make a tutorial on how to do it.

  8. Thomas Jones says

    Thank you for the tutorial video. Do you have a link or a video that show how to get HBO and Starz? Thanks Again!

  9. Ayman Khalifa says

    is it autoupdated

  10. Clem Kadiddlehopper says

    what interface are you using? are you working from a pc or android device?

  11. dhaferca says

    thank you so much bro thankssssss all working very well

  12. looks great bit it would be easier to follow if you had audio explaining the process

  13. is this addon still active and workkng ?

  14. J 77 says

    love the work. thanks for the post the on the wall as well to let me know. really good channel and been letting a few mates know about the channel. bring yourself back in the videos though man. personality makes the videos fun to watch.

  15. Ivan Prado says

    ok !

  16. Luke Stover says

    Good stuff man

  17. Hey KT …is this addon still active ?

  18. Can you put the link in the comments box..below the video

  19. Samsung J says

    thanks for di info

  20. Elisa H says

    i keep getting a message " one or more items failed to play. Check the log for more information" do you have a fix?

  21. Gio Groen says

    Good review
    Some dont work , but that is Kodi
    thank you

  22. Radoslav Galic says

    It seems this no longer works. Too bad.

  23. Ahmad Karout says

    thank for what guys ,,,, he never told us how to get the source
    I got the add on installer but there is no zip file

  24. Sherika Baker says

    Your the best!

  25. Freddy McGiLL says

    Awesome selection of repositories. This tutorial has been very rewarding.

  26. sameera kariyawasam says

    you have very good repos.. thanks bro..

  27. jahiem noble says

    Hey nice video man i hope they are still up, whats the name of the music in the background man

  28. ho eng keey says

    Does it have HK live TVB channel? Tks

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