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My preferred by far Premium IPTV service on KODI is Vaders TV. Not only because it never lags, or because it has 950 blazing-fast channel streams. And not even because it has an integrated Movies and TV Shows Library, ready to use on KODI. And neither because of the special and unique features like the Matchcenter and the brand new TV Guide with which you will never miss a sports, ppv or show again. It is my preferred best premium (paid) iptv service on KODI because it never stops innovating and working to beat the best, to beat itself!

Vader TV is the best premium iptv service on KODI.

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Best Premium IPTV add-on on KODI – No lag and Super Fast Streams – Vaders TV

  1. Peter Smith says

    how many devices can you stream at the same time

  2. Neil Palmer says

    The hosting site and kodi repo are not working

  3. Shawn Flores says

    Does this show ppv, UFC,UFC, boxing?

  4. It's Tank says

    Vader can’t possibly be better than Gears tv

  5. fichboy99 says

    Great guide, ur the king mate !!

  6. michael gonzalez says

    While im putting my info to subscribe its asking to put my fisical address… should i just put it or put a fake one or what?

  7. Richard Knight says

    Hi Dimitri, love the work. Your voice reminds .e.of Meerkat Movies (people in UK will understand)

  8. Tony Reid says

    Dimi please will you make the Vaders IPTV apk available on your website Boom Shakalaka

  9. Ralph Jean says

    how can i signup with vaders?

  10. John S says

    Missing on Vader are the local Phoenix AZ channels, also when using a VPN my channels are slow to change (10 seconds) other than those things it is a very solid stream & dependable

  11. Hafiz Jamal says

    Hi Dimi, the link to Vader's subscription page in your description is not working.

  12. The Off Grid Prepper says

    no korean channels ??

  13. Tom Hooley says

    Dimi is it on your build..

  14. Ice Ryda says

    Does it have NFL redzone

  15. G noreña says

    Mannnn what a terrible accent he has, its sooooo bored it feels like a bompy ride.

  16. Billy Joe says

    I've had gears set tv now Vader and Vader is the best 5 devices 3 IPs

  17. Michael Crippen says

    iptv is not legal in the usa

  18. Michael Crippen says

    iptv is not legal in the usa

  19. Michael Crippen says

    most iptv comes from over sea

  20. Michael Crippen says

    the reason it is not legal in the usa because of the copy rights laws in the usa

  21. Michael Crippen says

    they do not pay for the rights to the channels.

  22. Warren McDonald says

    Minihost is down. Where else can I go to get Vader?

  23. Ashley Walker says

    The link for vaders doesn't work have they got a new website

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